25 May 2008

We pause for Tag

It is a warm summer evening and the fireflies are just starting to appear as we run, laughing and shrieking, in crazy, dodgy circles. The grass is springy beneath our bare feet and the scent of honeysuckle tickles our noses. Moms call for us to come in but we plead, "One more game?!"

There's always time for a game of tag, right? So, as per pal, Washwords, I am playing by the rules...

1. Write the title to your memoir using 6 words:

Lucky, lucky, lucky, irritated, lucky, grateful

2. Link to the person that tagged you:


3. Tag five more blogs:

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Judith HeartSong

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*tag* You're IT!!!


Bilbo said...

I don't usually do memes like this, because they're a worse time sink than just plain blogging. However, I do have a six-word title for my memoir:

I am one very lucky fellow!

Even though I'm not quite playing along, I appreciate the tag, and always enjoy reading your blog. Best wishes, and have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!


lacochran said...

No worries. :) Some people like tag, others prefer the siren song of the ice cream truck.