03 May 2008

Save Hotel Babylon!

Why is it that if I like something, it goes away?!

Oh, to be the target demographic. Someone's target demographic.

Wondering what the delay was in bringing the third season* of Hotel Babylon to BBC America, I wrote to them and requested they bring it. Forthwith.

Their response

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Unfortunately, we regret to inform you at this time, there are no plans to air "Hotel Babylon" on BBC America in the immediate future. However, please rest assured that BBC America takes the opinions of viewers such as yourself very seriously and, as such, we will forward your suggestion on to the appropriate department.

Well that sucks. They're showing it on BBC, why not BBC America?! We can get Gordon Ramsey reruns 23 hours a day but no Hotel Babylon?


  • you agree that this is a miscarriage of justice,
  • you're still ticked off about that Boston Tea Party/American Revolution thingy and just feel like pestering BBC America on principle,
  • and/or you haven't joined any causes lately and want to -- and this one takes a lot less face time than becoming an Amway seller or a Greenpeace activist
please take 30 seconds to go to the contact page at BBCAmerica.com and petition for more Hotel Babylon. This show has a brilliant cast, good production values and engaging story lines. No wonder they've decided to get rid of it, right? Sigh. Don't let this happen! Write in now!

In the words of Bartles and James, we thank you for your support.

*The Brits refer to it as the third "series".


Gilahi said...

I agree. One of the better "dramadies" on TV, and I miss it. Excellent casting, acting and writing. I, for one, will pester the BBC. Thanks for the link.

France said...

you just left a msg on my blog about hotel babylon. email me: france at iinet dot net dot au
I can't find a way to contact you on your blog!

lacochran said...

Gilahi: Thanks for your comment and pestering BBC America!!
France: Will do!

IAmATVJunkie said...

I have to agree with you on Gordon Ramsey, he's just the worst and he's omnipresent.

I was really looking forward to more Paul Telfer myself.

And, Abdul and Barrowman's guest star appearances.

Reports today that the Catholic Church in Australia wants Ramsey off the air.


lacochran said...

All we get here are bleeps, and plenty of them, when he's on. Is the Catholic church complaining about him uncensored or are they reading around the bleeps?