13 May 2008

Food & Wine Festival at the National Harbor

Huh. Looks like there's about to be a tony food and wine festival up the road in Baltimore. Check out the considerable talent and the far-flung topics. Wish there was more of a local DC flavor (there is some: Michel Richard, David Guas, Jeff Tunks) but you gotta applaud any show that features entertainment like this:

Rocky Fino
Lecture: Will Mix for Sex: Classic Cocktails to Set the Mood

Rocky Fino is a nationally recognized, award-winning author of Will Cook for Sex—A Guy’s Guide to Cooking and Will Mix for Sex—21 Classic Cocktails to Set the Mood. Although not a trained chef, Rocky has made his impact showing everyday people that they can improve their relationship and their lives with a little effort in the kitchen. Rocky says his simple approach to food preparation is designed to get people into the kitchen where they can discover their cooking talents, then use them to rev up romance.

I doubt I'll be getting to the festival as I am still waiting to be declared something besides Typhoid Mary but I hope somebody will let me know the greatness or suckitude of it.


J.M. Tewkesbury said...

No, no. This is across the river in PG County at that new monstrosity being developed by the Wilson Bridge and the new home of the once beloved at Haines Point, but sold for 30 pieces of silver, sculpture The Awakening.

lacochran said...

J.M.: Sorry. I didn't know. Thanks for clue-ing us in.