11 June 2007

Being James Carville (who looks something like John Malkovich)

We head to Georgetown Sunday to picnic with dear friends on the banks of the polluted Potomac. We go into Dean and Deluca which is conveniently located and select quite delicious morsels for exorbitant fees (who else but D&D would charge $3 for ONE average sized grapefruit? just for example) when who strolls in but James Carville! And we nudge each other and say "Isn't that..." "It is... it's..." "...James Carville!" Because let's face it the man deserves to be recognized in a bold way. A bold character like that deserves to be in bold print. He's quite a tall man and very distinctive looking and trailing behind him he's got someone of considerably smaller stature that seems to be a body guard or at least a staffer because they don't appear to be buds.

And so I begin to think... what is it like to be James Carville? He's not a celebrity that people mob but, in DC at least, a huge percentage of the population recognizes him. What level list (in Kathy Griffin vernacular) does that place him on? Is he on the A list for intellectuals but on the C list for paparazzi persona grata? And why aren't people like him more in the news than those of very limited intellectual capacity that show up over and over again these days?

I hope someone bought him a grapefruit.

You know, for his service to this country.

I hope, too, that he'll help get this country back on track. Go James!

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Anonymous said...

I walk around Georgetown, Dupont, and many other neighborhoods ALL the time, and I never see ANYBODY! And I have never been able to bring myself to buy anything in that ridiculously expensive store, but I had not noticed that grapefruits were a dollar a piece.