08 January 2007

You, Me & Dupree (Movie Review)

In keeping with the slacker theme from the last movie we saw, we rented "You, Me & Dupree" Friday. Owen Wilson is Dupree, the well-intentioned screw-up best friend/best man who has no place to go and winds up living with newlyweds Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon. Throw Michael Douglas into the mix as Kate's father who hates her new groom and you've got the movie. Seems to me this could have been better than it was with this much talent and a solid premise. It was just all right at best. Worth the $3.99 pay per view total cost for the two of us but not more. At turns we're led to believe that Dupree is an inconsiderate idiot and also the only one who gets what life is about. I opt for the first interpretation. I guess the one thing I'm glad of is that Matt Dillon is still out there and getting leading roles in films. I give this 1 & 1/2 jujubees out of 4.

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