16 January 2007

Friday and Sunday (this is why I spend the week eating carrots and logging miles on the treadmill)

In addition to the phenomenal meal we had Saturday night, we met old, dear friends Friday night at the Chevy Chase/Friendship Heights Clyde's. Clyde's offers a great deal for happy hour: a $7.50 crab cake sandwich, fries and slaw that is quite tasty. More crab than cake! In fact I'd say 80% crab. Yum! Yummy appletinis, too. :)

Sunday we met cousins in Rockville at an old favorite: Yuan Fu. They do great fake chicken as well as a variety of other totally vegetarian chinese meals (as in [fake] "General Tso's Chicken".) Excellent!

And now I am back to carrots and running--sighhhhhhhhhh-- in hopes of meeting my goal weight for Cozumel in March. Well, it was worth it. Good people, good food, good times. Yup, definitely worth it.

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