29 January 2007

The Warehouse (Brunch review)

We went to The Warehouse on King Street in Old Town Alexandria for brunch Sunday and were very pleased. We were seated by the window which gave us a great view of the passersby and the snow flurries. They serve excellent seafood with a New Orleans slant, have elegant seating in a pretty space (particularly for a place called "The Warehouse"!), offered prompt service, not to mention very tasty champagne with strawberries. :) There were a few classic breakfast style meals (french toast, eggs, etc.) for those not inclined toward seafood. I gotta tell ya, though, the shrimp and crawfish beignets were quite decadent and the pecan crusted talapia with balsamic glaze over mixed greens was excellent. Not on the cheap side but we've paid more and not been as happy other places.

So... for brunch, since this is our only experience, I'd say out of possible 30/category:

Ambiance: 25

Service: 24

Vegetarian Options: 15

Food: 26 (it would be 27 if the bread had been warm)

Cost: 22

Overall: 22.4


Dezel Quillen said...

Yummy! That is right down the street and I was born in New Orleans and have a cajun palate so this sounds right up my alley....

My major complaint at some upscale places is for some odd reason they serve 'cold' bread with firm butter....

Sounds like there is enough stuff here to make me push the bread aside anyhow : )

Happy Sipping!


lacochran said...

Have you tried the place across the street from this (219, I think)? Seems to also advertise a New Orleans style.