03 January 2007

Yeah, he'll watch it but not on his watch!

"Bush aims to balance budget by 2012"

Why is it that politicians become concerned with budgets only on their way out the door and only in terms of out years?!

Money. It's a funny thing.

Speaking of which... We have an issue with our house being in need of a significant repair. We got two estimates.

Company 1 wants to take 6 months, cost somewhere in the rather large ballpark of 20-70k, and they can start in February.

Company 2 wants to take 1 week, cost 5K, and they can start immediately.

Company 1, although artfully avoiding answering questions in a direct manner, assured me they were the way to go because they provided peace of mind.

Um... yeah... right.

Hmmm... which to choose... which to choose... :)

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