30 September 2008

"Fly me to the moon/Let me play among the stars"--Sinatra

I see that look in your eyes and I gotta tell you it hurts a little.

I hate to disappoint you.

Oh, I know. You're looking to me for some righteous indignation. And, usually, I'm brimming with it. Or at least some incredulity at the lunacy that is all around me.

But it's hard to come off vacation and muster up indignation. Mostly, I'm mellow and grateful. I've been lying on a beautiful beach and other people have been fetching me drinks. How much can I really complain?? Add to that that it was a paid holiday. To have money deposited into your account for weeks of paid slackassery, while you are enjoying said slackassery, is truly the best.

Alas, it's over. And I am facing hundreds of work emails and dozens of meeting requests and close to 300 posts in my Google Reader... *sigh*.

And, now, you're giving me that look.

Okay, fine. Here's something I found mildly amusing. Your mileage blahblahblah.

We flew Continental from DC to Houston and from Houston to Puerto Vallarta and did the same gig in reverse when we came home. So we had four Continental flights. They were really everything you'd want in a flight: safe, timely, smooth, comfortable.

That said, every flight began with DVD screens flipping down and a message from the Grand Poobah of Continental, Larry Kellner, saying how great it was that we were flying Continental and how proud he was of Continental's outstanding record and who knows what else he said because everybody was busy craning around trying to determine if the stews were going to serve a snack.

Here's the good part, on the last two flights we took, the DVD screens would flip down and Larry would appear and start his spiel, and there'd be one screen that just wouldn't stay down. It would come down and go back up and come down and go back up, like it was on a cheap knockoff of Viagra, and this must have happened 20 times on the first leg back. Meanwhile, old Lar, is talking about technical excellence.

When it happened on the final flight, on a different plane from the last, I ignored the admonition that all electronic devices must be in the off position because the desire to capture the moment was overwhelming. The screen had been flipping about a dozen times by the time I got my camera going, and, alas, you only see the very end of the flippery but, heaven knows, I tried.

For you.

So let's see a little more gratitude and a little less disappointment, hmm?


Kristin said...

On two different planes? That is fantastic. I'd be amused.

lacochran said...

On two different planes. It *was* amusing. Glad you agree. :)

Bilbo said...

Now every time I fly on an airplane with drop-down video screens, I'll start to laugh. Agnes will ask me what's so funny. And I'll have to figure out how to explain about viagra and mechanical screens. Thanks.

lacochran said...

Gives new meaning to "upright and locked position", doesn't it?

Mike said...

From the video it looks like once you turned on your electronic device the up and down screen stopped. Maybe the combined power of electronic devices will make the planes work better. Start a new movement. Your in charge. You'll be the grand pooba of secret electronic fixer waves.

lacochran said...

Does the job come with a tiara? I always wanted a job where I could wear a tiara.

rs27 said...

Drop down anything is cool.

Drop top

That's all I got.

lacochran said...

Rs27: Drop seat? Not as cool.