02 September 2008

Because my gritty piece of wedding cake is your source of amusement

I should have had a great post... You see, I went to a vegan wedding. And even though I was a true vegetarian for eleven years, and still do not eat meat, I have no desire to go vegan. Vegan requires too much work and too much deprivation from my perspective. But here we were, attending a vegan wedding.

A friend that I'd known since grade school got (re-)married this past weekend. And she, a vegan, hired a vegan caterer.

Yup. From beginning to end it was vegan. In addition to no meat or fish... there were no eggs, no milk, no butter, no honey, no cheese, no gelatin, no animal products of any kind.

So I was all prepared to post about how lame the food was but, in fact, it was delicious. From the gazpacho in cherry tomatoes, mini pesto and caramelized onion pizzettes, veggie/tofu spring rolls with tangy dipping sauce, and more for appetizers to a very tasty and attractive sit-down meal that included pasta and a veggie terrine, to a lovely plate (pictured above) of wonderful (and non-gritty) cake, a sugar cookie, a mousse-like thingy, a chocolate bon-bon, and fruit, that some how didn't include cream, eggs, butter, etc. but still tasted like it did.

Amazing. It can be done and done well. The food was gorgeous, elegant, and scrumptious. And my friend got married to a wonderful man and did it in high style.

Now, what do I write about?!

Sometimes friends can be so inconsiderate.


Bilbo said...

I can't imagine how many vegetables were sacrificed for that feast. The horror of it all boggles my mind.

SingLikeSassy said...

We're not vegetarians (or vegans for that matter), but we served up vegan wedding cake at our reception. It was delish!

Mike said...

Bilbo stole my line!

restaurantrefugee said...

I would trade your vegan wedding for the DRY wedding I attended this weekend. The horrors of a wedding without booze really cannot be measured.

rs27 said...

Vegan food made right is more delicious than a punch in the face.

Um maybe that was the wrong analogy.

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm so glad the food was good. Veganism is a very extreme diet for our species. In fact I don't think there's any indigenous culture that eats vegan unless they have no other choice.

I believe people should eat whatever makes sense to them, and not eat what they don't want to, but any excessively extreme diet seems, to me, a bit pretentious. How lucky we are that we get to pick and choose.

Congrats to the married couple. I love weddings.

Esther said...

I understand your surprise and I am glad to hear the food was good. I have allergies to a long list of things, including gluten. And I'm assuming that if I get married I will have to decide whether to go entirely gluten free for the wedding food and cake. I immagine her catering costs were higher. Perhaps you could check that out. I'd be interested in knowing how much it would mark up the catering costs.

lacochran said...

Bilbo/Mike: Yuh. *eye roll*

SingLikeSassy: Thanks for the corroboration.

RestaurantRefugee: My condolences. To her credit, my vegan friend, who does not drink, had a full, top-shelf bar. Bliss.

Rs27: It is more delicious!

Reya Mellicker: Absolutely, everybody should decide for themselves!

Esther: It seems that allergies are on the rise in general so it might not be hard to find good catering options these days. I should ask my friend how much part of her wedding cost? Uh, that would be: no. But here's the caterer's website and you can inquire about your specifics with the caterer: http://www.gailsvegetarian.com/

SingLikeSassy said...

@Esther: my wedding cake didn't cost any more than any of the "regular" cakes I priced out. So it may not be as expensive as you think.