14 September 2008

"I got to be movin' on"--Steve Miller Band

[Not us. But don't you love the kicky hairstyle?]

We left early Friday for the event that required this and this. I am happy to say that I survived the experience. The official pictures aren't back yet so I may still show up sporting an expression worthy of Jim Carey but I think I did all right. My sister, the hostess for this event, who everyone says looks remarkably like me* tends to put herself in the center of the photograph (yeah, yeah, it's her event, I know) and me at a far end. If you know something about photography you know that even though we are roughly similar in stature, she winds up looking like Angelina Jolie, only thinner, and I wind up looking like William "The Refrigerator" Perry.

Well, at least I was able to improve my arm tone from the previous consistency of yogurt-with-the-fruit-on-the-bottom to the much preferable consistency of butter. Not really, really cold butter, but, you know, that just tears the bread.

Bad parts of looking very much like someone else:

  • People insist on telling you that you look exactly like that other person. Repeatedly. Um, yeah, got the memo. Move on!
  • People expect you to act like that other person and are disappointed when you don't. My sister and I have extremely different personalities. Again, move on!
  • People want to see you next to your "twin" even if it means dragging you away from an interesting conversation. Um, not strictly here for your amusement, people. Move on!

* Actually, at her events, they say I look remarkably like her, but I prefer it my way. We are not twins. She is three years older. (+1 for me. ) She is also 3 inches taller. (+1 for her.)


Narm said...

I have to admit it gets old being told I look like Brad Pitt everyday.

Mike said...

People tell me I'm really square.

Kristin said...

My sister and I look a lot alike. It was a pain in high school - she graduated early, before my freshman year, and all her classmates expected me to be a mini-her. Yeah... Not so much.

Did you have fun?

lacochran said...

Narm: With a little George Clooney mixed in?

Mike: I could see that.

Kristin: So you feel my pain. Yeah, actually, I did. :) My family is full of eccentrics but I do love them. And they know how to throw a party. Thanks for asking!

j.m. tewkesbury said...

Ah, Marion and Vivian Brown: women we all aspire to be. Not. Having lived in the Bay Area, these grand dames actually frightened me more than the Folsom Street Festival.

Hope you had a good time, despite all the people who think you and your sister are some kind of carny freak show.