28 September 2008

Mexico has been good to me

I have yet to have a bad time in Mexico.

Even when I was with my ex, a troll--but without the cool pink hair, I still had a good time in Mexico. After all, it wasn't Mexico's fault that I chose poorly.

I've been to Acapulco, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, and now Puerto Vallarta--all tourist towns in beautiful seaside locations--and I've found that in Mexico they understand the tourist trade. They want you to be happy because they want you to stay, they want you to come back and they want you to tell your friends so that more money is spent in the region. As a result, they go out of their way to make sure you are indeed happy. Pretty basic strategy, right? But we've been a lot of places outside of Mexico where they could care less if the tourists are happy.

It's not all flan and cervezas, though. You do have to convert the money but it's a pretty straightforward conversion and truly a lot of places take dollars. Well, they did until the news hit that the dollar was as valuable as a ticket to a Courtney Love concert.* And, though rarely imperative, it's appreciated if you speak Spanish where you can so it helps to learn before you go, and as you go.

Aside from that, it's very easy. The vast majority of signs are in both Spanish and English (see how thoughtful?) or they use international symbols. We did all right with 99% of them. Then we saw this and scratched our heads for a while:

Apparently, Captain Morgan is prohibited in Mexico.

* Odd little Wiki-bit: Courtney is a mix of Irish and Jewish and describes herself as "a nice Jewish girl." I'll bet her folks are kvelling.


LivitLuvit said...

That whole, "keep the tourists happy so maybe they'll come back and they'll definitely spend more hard-earned monies while they're here" idea is a fantastic one, but definitely lost on some locations as opposed to others. I agree, I've always been well taken care of in Mexico, and in the Bahamas as well, but the Dominican Republic? Not so much. It's also another reason why I'm wary of all-inclusive. Yes, it's cheaper, but it's so much less enjoyable it's not worth it.

Mike said...

Let me rewrite your headline if I may.

Mexico bean berry beery gud to me.

(don't forget to roll your r's on berry berry)

rs27 said...

If there WAS a place that was all flan and cervezas I would call that place Mexico.

Wait that's taken.

New Mexico.

Much better

Reya Mellicker said...

Glad you're back!

The sign ... hmmm ... no walking? No dancing? It is a little weird!

Narm said...

As long as the American dollar still gets me a double chee from McDonald's it has all the strength I need.

lacochran said...

Livitluvit: Depends on the all-inclusive. I'm rather hooked on the idea. We still go off property for some meals but it's hard to beat unlimited food and booze ready when you are.

Mike: Thank you, Garrett. How about some news for the hard of hearing?

Rs27: :) Good one.

Reya: It is!

Narm: And MickeyD's, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks are all in Puerto Vallarta. Makes ya proud to be an American, doesn't it?