05 September 2008

It doesn't sound so bad

We are lying in bed last night. Hubby is reading. I am watching television. I'd mention what I was watching but I don't want to get all politicky on you. Suffice to say, I am oddly fascinated at the icky little horror show playing out on screen.

Me: Does she look drugged to you?

Hubby, continuing to read: Mm...

Me: She's a little slurry. Like maybe she popped a few muscle relaxers. Can't say I'd blame her, talking in front of such a huge crowd. Look! Look at her eyes. It's like she had one too many Mojitos...

Hubby, continuing to read: Mm.

Later in the evening...

Me: This is icky. Look at this... Look at these people...

Hubby: Mm.

Me: Let's not wait. We should move to Cozumel now. Think we could move in, say, the next two years?

Hubby, looking up, considering: Sure. We'd have to eat cat food.

Me: Can we get the Seafood Medley?

Hubby goes back to reading.

Fine. More for me.

Factoid: Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys line of cat food includes a single flavor labeled "Seafood and Egg Souffle with Pacific Shrimp and Garden Greens."

Now, doesn't that sound yummy?


restaurantrefugee said...

I am thinking about Canada - the Carribean is too hot for year round living for me.

Mike said...

I thinking more of lasagna. Yeah, a special kind of lasagna. Go see my post 530 for the recipe.

Kristin said...

I'm thinking Argentina. I figure I can live off my savings for the next three years and/or get loads of plastic surgery, marry a gaucho and learn to tango.

lacochran said...

RestaurantRefugee: Actually, the breeze picks up nicely when the hurricanes blow.

Mike: Ew.

Kristin: I won't cry for you, Argentina.

Reya Mellicker said...

I've always loved the word "hubby" - so sweet.

Please don't move to Mexico. Please don't eat cat food. Stay here. We need you. Please! The election isn't for 8 more weeks. There will be debates in which She Who Must Not Be Named will have to think for herself.

We're a numb and stupid country, but we could wake up. We could. Really. Do you believe me??

lacochran said...

I'll be here to cast my vote. I do so want to believe you!