15 September 2008

"Vacation/All I ever wanted/Vacation/Had to get away" --The Gogos

It's true. I am on vacay.

After this, I will not be blogging. I will be getting some much needed R&R for the next week and a half. I want to melt into a mindless puddle. I want to forget all my passwords. I want to get out of my brain for a while and just enjoy the lush world around me.

My hope is that this will result in me being:

  • rested and mellow,
  • a little more thoughtful/clever here, and
  • able to finish long words like vacay.
What's with people that drop the ends off words? How feeble is that?


Miss me if you must but don't sit around moping. Go out and have some fun!

Okay, okay... something for you... let's see... got it. The first three people that write me at lacochran812(at)gmail(dot)com giving me a snail mail address, will receive a cheesy vacay tchotchke.

Hope to see you when I'm back in the blog world. As always, thanks for stopping by and I wish you great big buckets of joy!


Gilahi said...

I like your treatment of people dropping the ends off of words. Very clev.

Narm said...

What am I supposed to do now??? Actually get work done???

LivitLuvit said...

I'm totes jeal!

rs27 said...

If you forget all your passwords, you're going to be clciking a lot of "Forgot your password?" links.

Mike said...

Is it actually going to be a "rest" vacation or a "let's see how much we can cram in" vacation?

Bilbo said...

Bummer...I have to wait until November for our vacation. Sigh. Have fun, anyhow.

Kate said...

Yummy! Vacation time!!!!

sudiegirl said...

Hope you are enjoying your time away from us...hopefully I'll have interesting things to say when you get back...

Reya Mellicker said...

Have a fabulous vacay. Chill out completely.

See you on the flip side.

Judith HeartSong said...

I hope you have a wonderful time!

Mike said...

Consider this your sept. 20, 21 and 22nd comment.

Herb of DC said...

I hope you are coming back soon. The economy has really gone to he** since you have been gone.

lacochran said...

Gilahi: Thanks! :)

Narm: Far be it from me to imply that. No, no, no. Go back and read my advice!

Livitluvit: :) Start planning your vacation now!

Rs27: Sometimes you're way too deep for me.

Mike: It was a true rest vacation. It never got more intense than jet-skiing.

Bilbo: At least you can look forward to it. Hope it's grand!

Kate: :) I recommend vacation highly!

Sudiegirl: Thanks! Hope things are improving in your corner of the blogosphere.

Reya: Thanks! :) Looking forward to tagging up.

Judith: Thanks!

Mike: You are very thoughtful. :)

Herb of DC: Yes, it was our failure to invest in the US economy for the last eleven days that has served as the root of the economic crisis. On the flip side, Mexico's tequila and mahi-mahi sales are way up.