27 September 2008

Returning from Vacay

Thoughts you have when you are either very stressed or very relaxed:

  • Did I do that or did I just think that?
  • Yes, I definitely could use a drink here.
  • You got drama? Save it for your Mama.
  • Yes, I definitely could use a nap here.
  • What the hell, right?

Hello, Beautiful People!

I have been unwinding in lush, tropical Puerto Vallartahhhh, Mexico. We stayed at Dreams which has the gentle Banderas Bay in back and the amazingly verdant Sierra Madre mountains in front. Here's our little slice of heaven... the room view of the bay:

The resort was very nice and very relaxed and the food and service were quite good.

Probably more to come but right now... off to do 11 days' worth of laundry. *waveywave*


Narm said...

Thats nothing - you should see Cleveland in the winter. Looks just like that. I swear.

lacochran said...

That does indeed sound dreamy.

Mike said...

Welcome back. By the way. You don't happen to have 700 billion you could loan out do you?

Sean said...

Welcome back!

Bilbo said...

What Mike said. And it's only 41 days until we leave for OUR vacation, nyah, nyah!

lacochran said...

Mike/Bilbo: Thanks and no probs! Will you take it in Pesos?

Sean: Thanks!