29 April 2009

"So you better get this party started" --Pink

[Catchy party slogan, yes?]

Who's up for a flu party? It just makes good sense:

  • All we have to fear is fear itself. Stop the fear! It lowers your immunities. Parties and fear don't mix.
  • No need to leave early because of work the next day. Just apply the best excuse ever: "Hi, Boss, yeah, I'm on my way in but I thought you should know I think I might have that flu everybody keeps talking about. ...well, if you think that's best. You're sure you don't want me to come in? Okay, then."
  • We'll all be quarantined soon so why don't we be quarantined together? Just think, we could be the last known survivors because we were prudent enough to party.
  • What's the first thing people do to ward off infection? Apply alcohol!
So who's in?

And who's hosting? (Hey, I'm the idea person. You can't expect me to be the implementer, too!)


Liebchen said...

Alcohol kills everything - fear, germs, whatever.

I think this is a stellar idea.

Narm said...

Let's have in here in Cleveland - if the flu doesn't get you the poverty will.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I think you just volunteered. Make sure it's a night I don't have to work, kthxbye.

Shannon said...

I'll host, so long as y'all do karaoke with me. Plus, I can see the Capitol from my balcony...if we see them airlifting out the Congress, we know we're in trouble.

repliderium.com said...

I'm In!

Barbara said...

Great idea, but no masks, right?

I talked to my doctor friend today (who works on the Hill). She said two people had come in with flu-like symptoms. She was somewhat amazed that both had gone to work with those symptoms. This is how pandemics get kicked off! She told both of them to STAY HOME until the test results came back...

Herb said...

Not to be all controlling and stuff but I really need to see the complete guest list before I agree to attend this party.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I think in honor of what will formerly be known as the swine flu, the party should be a giant pig roast!

lacochran said...

Liebchen: Excellent! Party at Liebchen's!

Narm: "We're not Detroit! ... We're not Detroit!" Excellent! Knew I could count on you. Party at Narm's after party at Liebchen's!

Malnurtured Snay: I'll take that as a "of course you can have the party at my place!" Excellent! Party at Malnurtured Snay's after party at Narm's after party at Liebchen's!

Shannon: It'll take a LOT of Shangria to get me to do karaoke. Regardless... excellent! Party at Shannon's after party at Malnurtured Snay's after party at Narm's after party at Liebchen's!

Repliderium.com: Excellent! Party at Repliderium.com's after *deep breath* party at Shannon's after party at Malnurtured Snay's after party at Narm's after party at Liebchen's!

Barbara: Only if they're Mardi Gras quality.

Herb of DC: Deal!

Little Ms. Blogger: Okay. Would it be awkward if I brought veggie dogs? I promise to mention how yummy the snouts are, should anyone be listening.

fiona said...

I'll be the hostess!
I will be wearing a mask since it's not a Halloween party.