28 April 2009

"It's a hot one... like seven inches from the midday sun..." --Santana feat. Rob Thomas

Generally, I like warm weather. Especially if I'm looking at a beautiful sea that I can jump into or sitting by a sparkling pool that I can jump into or at least drinking something icy made in a blender that I can... well, drink. But it is August in April here in DC and I am shvitzing with the best of them. 95 degrees and no beach and no pool and drinks go from frosty to tepid in one sip.

And, still, I'd tough it out because I've always said I like warm weather--ask anybody-- IF it wasn't for the fact that my car's air conditioner has decided it no longer feels a need to be cool. It's embracing it's uncoolness. Stubbornly. It is the Steve Urkel of air conditioners.

So, it is now at the mechanic's because I will not have one more of these encounters:

Me, switching it on (hey, I do my part): Come on, be cool.

AC: Who's your favorite ST:TNG character?

Me: Shhh, just be cool.

AC: Once I dreamed I met Marvin Hamlisch.

Me: You're blowing it. You are so not cool!

AC: I don't think our parents would approve of the way you're dressed.

Me: Dammit!


Hammer said...

Fret not, for despite its mechanical inconsistencies, your AC is quite obviously an oracle providing glimpses of the shape of things to come.

The AC is wise. All hail the AC!

Malnurtured Snay said...

Which begs the question, who IS your favorite STTNG character? I'm going with Geordi.

Gilahi said...

"Our" parents? I think your AC may be chanelling your sibling.

Anonymous said...

Lmao! The 95 degree weather in DC definitely sucks, but it's supposed to be 60-70 for the rest of the week.. yay!

Matt said...

When did Marvin Hamlisch become uncool?

Kate said...

As I said elsewhere today on a DC blog. I get spring and yououou don't. Ha! Take that for having all kinds of blogger things to go to while I suffer alone in South Dakota.

fiona said...

Forget the mechanic and get AC into some kinda therapy, now!
What were you wearing by the way? lol

Liebchen said...

The AC comments on your fashion sense? Sounds like my little brother.

Mike said...

Yeah, what were you wearing? We want pictures.

repliderium.com said...

It's worse than you thought- not only is it uncool- it thinks it totally cool. Baaaad combination.

f.B said...

Tell your AC it has an attitude problem. Also tell it that should it need a new home, my house is available and we will take crap from inanimate objects.

GreenCanary said...

Your AC is so uncool... Everyone knows that Captain Piccard is the coolest. And also the hottest. He's bi-thermal.

Anonymous said...

Lol, that is great. I will also has to try that sauce.

Barbara said...

I recently realized how much I depend on my car's AC to make me feel comfortable. I can no longer imagine just riding around with the windows down like we did when I was growing up (in a household in Florida that didn't believe in AC of any kind). I'm probably running on borrowed time in my 1985 Volvo wagon. One COOL car with the trim held on with duct tape.

Dmbosstone said...

Your exchange with the AC sounds like a CarMax ad:


lacochran said...

Hammer: All hail the AC!

Malnurtured Snay: Mock me if you must but I've never watched a whole episode.

Gilahi: Family reunions are gonna get weird.

liferehab: Yay!

Matt: When he was born?

Kate: Bitch. (Kidding.)

Fiona: Everything turns into obscenely clingy in this heat.

Liebchen: Delightful.

Mike: You first.

repliderium.com: It's my high school all over again.

f.B: Sounds like you've got AC troubles enough already.

GreenCanary: If you say so.

justjp: Glad you're amused.

Barbara: Duct tape? Sweet!

Dmbosstone: Oh, to be Maxworthy.

Gilahi said...

You mean family reunions are not weird now?

Aside to Green Canary: Captain Picard was bi?

James said...

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