16 December 2008

Stay Home/"Cheeseburger in Paradise" --Jimmy Buffett

We are four women chatting at a work social gathering. Those words don't really go together, do they? Work social. Doesn't even sound right. But there we are. Workmates. On company time. Trying our best to pretend we're social mates. Haha! What fun.*

Anyway, the conversation turns to one person's sister in Hawaii and this leads to who has been to Hawaii, and so on.

Pretty young thing (PYT): You know if you really want to go someplace beautiful you should go to Grand Cayman. It's the best island!

[This is met with assorted ooo's and aahh's]

PYT: Yeah, I went with my Mom. It was great because it was the most Americanized of the islands we went to in the Caribbean.

Me: "Most Americanized"? What do you mean?

PYT: They had McDonald's and places like that, so it was great. 'Cause some times you really want a cheeseburger.


So, she's here:

and here:

and what makes her happy?


I like a pampered holiday as much as the next person (okay, more) but I sure as heck don't need an American fast food meal to make me happy. 51 weeks of McDonald's haute cuisine isn't enough?

Am I wrong in thinking that there's something seriously wrong with this chick?

* See, if you were there, we would exchange a look that says "Can you believe this?! We have to get the eff out of here." 'Cause you're like that. It's great that you're like that. Thanks for being like that.


Fearless in Toronto said...

No, you are definitely NOT wrong. I haven't had a vacation in a year, and damn, those pictures look good. I would give just about anything to be sipping a Margarita, listening to Jimmy right about now.

Kristin said...

After three weeks in India, we all went goo-goo for Mickey D's but that was weird. I don't even eat there when I'm home!

Gilahi said...

I once ate at the huge McDonald's on Hollywood Blvd (even tackier than a regular McDonald's), but that was just so I could say I did it.

Matt said...

It just doesn't make any f*n sense!!


Malnurtured Snay said...

I think the only time in the last two years I've eaten at McDonalds was last week when I bummed a Chicken McNuggett off a coworker.

charlotteharris said...

PYT needs to expand her mind. Even when I find I "really want a cheeseburger," McD's is still the last place I'd go for one anyway.

Bilbo said...

Why on earth would you go to some exotic place to eat a McDonald's cheeseburger? People like this are insane.

f.B said...

if i'm in the Caymans for a week, and i've stopped drinking long enough to remember to eat, i'm not waking up from that beautiful, tequila-induced slumber and reaching for the dollar menu

LBluca77 said...

When I was in Costa Rica we really thought we were going to end up eating fast food the whole time. Nope, all we ate was authentic yummy Costa Rican food and that so made the trip even more awesome. Plus we didn't come back fat, how most do after vacation.

I must really need a vacation cause this comment I am leaving you is dumb.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

"See, if you were there, we would exchange a look that says 'Can you believe this?! We have to get the eff out of here.'"

Actually, no, I couldn't be there because I probably would have snorted whatever I was drinking out my nose and then not been able to think of a reason for the snort that wouldn't embarrass her, and she'd have been all mad and stuff and then I'd have to come up with some lame thing about McDonald's and pretend that she wasn't lame even though she was and maybe I'd even perjure myself to make her feel better and then I'd have to go sit in a corner and cry from the humiliation of lying just so some stupid person wouldn't feel bad. And I still wouldn't have gotten around to cleaning up whatever I snorted on myself and I'd just be a mess. This is why I don't go out in public.

Or something.

I do like to go into McDonald'ses in foreign lands to see how they are different. They serve burgers with fried eggs on top at the McDses in New Zealand.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

I avoid Mickey Dee's at all times, but especially when traveling. Your colleague should have a shoe thrown at her head a la Iraqi journalist.

fiona said...

I recall thinking WTF? when we arrived via train in Prague and "them golden arches" were staring right at us.
It's a security blankie for the wary tourist. That and the locals get
the "thrill" of eating American fast food. Sad. Oh, by the way Czec food is delicious!

Anonymous said...

One should never waste words on a woman who thinks that being the "most Americanized" part of the Carribean is a virtue.

Mike said...

Ahh the travel crowd. Well troops that's not me. My wife has dragged me to Hawaii twice. As I lay in bed at night listening to the waves crash with the sound of a rappers boom box, I say, this is fun, this is fun.

I go on the beach, lay there and think, 3 more days and we'll be home.

What could be the difference here. OH WAIT. Most people still work don't they. I'm sorry, I forget about that little detail.

You go PYT.

Liebchen said...

Isn't part of going on vacation getting away from what you're used to? And, in some cases, getting away from Americanization?

I'm with you. And I probably wouldn't have been able to hide my eye roll or snort at her comment.

Doug said...

you know, normally I would not be ok with this.. but I spent 3 weeks in asia... and after breakfast and lunch and dinner of asian food... every day... I had a bit of a yearning for american food. Plus trying McD's overseas is fun sometimes. But for a week in an americanized place? I dunno, I think she could have done better than McDonalds.

Herb of DC said...

This is an example of why I don't bother to socialize with co-workers even at company sponsored events. I beg off saying I have too much work to do when the truth is I am probably reading your blog.

Katherine said...

Bet that cheeseburger cost her $12 American.

Lemmonex said...

I can understand living in Korea or some such for a year and then seeing a McD's and going nuts...but a week in the Caymen is hardly roughing it.

Lemmonex said...


Kate said...

Um. A week off from McDonald's is a bad idea? She's off. Way off.

rs27 said...

How young is this PYT? Wait wait, no. I mean how pretty. Yeah thats it.

Barbara said...

I try to pick places that DON'T have McDonald's. It's getting harder and harder to do...

Anonymous said...

Effin A, Cotton. Effin A.

We would totally be exchanging shin kicks under the table. Also maybe rude gestures when her back was turned.
This is what made me cringe when I lived abroad - Americans that lived up to the awful stereotype. I mean, I ate more McDonald's during that time than ever in my life, but only because of what Lem said -- it was a sliver of home in an abyss of the strange and awesome and unfamiliar.

Also, I totes agree with what Abbott said re: seeing how each is different in every country.

Wait, but what was I saying? Oh right, that Cayman bitch is crazy.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Fearless in Toronto: Yeah, I hear ya.

Kristin: Do they substitute the beef with something else?

Gilahi: Guess you can check that off the list of must do's.

Matt: You got that right.

Malnurtured Snay: And do you regret it?

CharlotteHarris: Exactly.

Bilbo: See? It's true!

f.B: Agreed!

LBluca77: Love that beans and rice!

AbbotOfUnreason: Wow. I'm getting upset just reading your description.

J.M. Tewkesbury: Indeed!

Fiona: I think you're on to something with the blankie. I prefer an actual blankie.

Restarantrefugee: Precisely and I didn't. I had no response! Because what can you possibly say?

Mike: Can separate vacations save this marriage? Tune in, Readers, for the next installment of "Poor Mike gets dragged to beautiful places".

Liebchen: Yes!! I work hard to hide my eye rolls but it doesn't work.

Doug: Agreed.

Herb of DC: :) Thanks for the support.

Katherine: Could be!

Lemmonex: Far from roughing it, I'd say.

Kate: Thanks for the validation.

Rs27: :)

Barbara: So true!

fattylumpa: Yeah! Nutsy fagan.

zandria said...

I don't eat McDonald's even in the U.S., so I don't think I'd be a very good judge! :)

LiLu said...

I'm totally giving you that look. With my peripherals, too, so no one else sees. I'm sneaky like that.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Zandria: I don't either, any more. I did all I was allowed when I was a kid.

LiLu: I figure that's the look in your bloggy eye picture! :)