22 December 2008

Magical Holiday Moments

Jostling at Macy's

Is this final reduction?

This register closed

Office full of food

Betty made her famous cake

One more bite I'll puke

Garish lights display

People stop and gawk in road

Honking and swerving

Hideous sweater

Mom says: Now, Dear, say "thank you"


Spot last Wii on shelf

Hear Wii seekers rounding bend

Hide Wii behind Bratz


f.B said...

so what kind of comment would earn me a chance to learn exactly where you hid that Wii?

cuz i'll write it. i'll so write it.

Lemmonex said...

There has been NO food in my office. That kind of sums up this place perfectly; we all hate each other.

Liebchen said...

I was thinking the same thing as Lem. Last year we had all these baskets of goodies and homemade treats. This year...nada.

General consensus blames the recession.

Kate said...

Our boss is Muslim. No treats for us.

Party pooper.

Barbara said...

Sometimes it seems like a good idea to just take a bye on Christmas, you know, sort of go on secular sabbatical? I think we all need a break!

Maybe the Jehovah's Witnesses got it right -- no holidays, no birthdays, no voting! (Except I can't quite understand how no voting buys you anything with God...)

Katherine said...

I will now be looking behind the Bratz at every store I go to between now and Christmas.

Mike said...

"People stop and gawk in road"

There are some houses around here that actually have to have police directing traffic.

fiona said...

Sheer genius.

LiLu said...

"Hide Wii behind Bratz"...

You evil, evil lady.

I love it.

lacochran said...

f.B: Comment? We're talking PayPal.

Lemmonex: Wow. Have some of ours. Please.

Liebchen: I'd think it was cheaper to bake than to buy. Hm.

Kate: Not even at the end of Ramadan?

Barbara: Maybe god has the apolitical blues?

Katherine: Enjoy!

Mike: Irritating, no?

Fiona: When out of ideas, haiku.

LiLu: :)

Leisha Camden said...

Ooh, very nice!! :-D

lacochran said...

Leisha Camden: A poetry lover, eh? Did you hear the one about the guy in Nantucket?

Leisha Camden said...

Absolutely not a poetry lover, actually - my favorite book of poetry is 'One Hundred Great Books in Haiku' - but these were fun. :-)

Linda said...

Hmmm, I snagged both the Bratz and the Wii - this was my life in the Super Target. Now if you would please tell me where you hid the Wii Fit... spiffy poetry.

lacochran said...

Leisha Camden: Glad you enjoyed.

Linda: Not a chance. Glad you liked it.