19 December 2008

"Each and every day true player way" --Blackstreet

Okay, someone didn't get the memo around here that it's late December. I'm still having to attend meetings and deliver presentations and do analysis and update charts and did I mention IT'S LATE DECEMBER?! What happened to "down time", people?

So, sorry if I've been missing out on all the reindeer games lately. Why are the reindeer such game players anyway? Do they follow Roosh's advice or Roissy's or Alec Greven's? So hard to keep up.

I've never been a game player. I'd rather be on the up and up and folks can take it or leave it. So far, it's worked really well. But clearly there are alternate views out there.

Once, I had a roommate who sent flowers to herself with the name of a fictitious boyfriend on the card in hopes of making another guy jealous. It seemed pretty lame to me. Apparently, it did to him, too. He didn't care before the flowers and he didn't care after the flowers. This woman didn't need the book "He's Just Not That Into You", she needed "He Wouldn't Stop to Pee On You If You Were on Fire".

So here's the hotly contested question(s) du jour: Does gaming work? And why don't more games feature the magnificent pop-o-matic?


Gilahi said...

I used to game. Not so much any more, since I got Pop-O-Matic wrist.

Quoting Jim Croce, inspired by the obscure reference in the labels: "I used to be a gambler but now I am a wiser man."

Kate said...

I have no idea. I'm still totally naive. Someone could be playing games with me and I wouldn't even know.

I'm THAT dumb.

Mike said...

Ahhh Alec Greven. Just what we all need. Romantic advice from a nine year old. Now maybe if I needed advice on how to talk to nine year old girls. But I don't since I've got that mastered alrea...... wait.... never mind. That's a different blog I post comments on.

Liebchen said...

I hate those games. I try to stay as far away as possible.

Matt said...

Girls think we have some kind of complex thought pattern that makes us analyze stuff.

We really dont.

its really a wast of energy to run game. At least on me, anyway.

Katherine said...

Games... Pfft... Get 'em on your own merits.

fiona said...

By the time I've figured out the game some b$%#rd has changed the rules.
So no I never play.

D.C. Confidential said...

Is there a game? Why am I the last one to find these things out?!

Melissa B. said...

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f.B said...

no game here. i've never understood it. if it works for me, is she the loser? cuz there's always a loser in a game.

but game played on me? just tell me something i've never heard. make me laugh. walk up, look me straight in the eye, and say something like, "your purple face is the jammiest thing i've seen half today." because i love gibberish.

Herb of DC said...

I once tried to make someone jealous by pretending I was dating George Glass. Oh wait, that was a "Brady Bunch" episode. I really have to stop drinking while watching "Nick at Night."

lacochran said...

Gilahi: Pop-o-matic wrist? Ouch. I guess it's better than Rock'em Sock'em kidney.

Kate: Not dumb, charmingly innocent.

Mike: Ewwwww.

Liebchen: I hear ya.

Matt: Huh.

Katherine: Some would argue gaming well is on your own merits.

Fiona: Well, it is dealer's call.

D.C. Confidential: My apologies. Didn't think you'd be up for Yahtzee.

Melissa B: Thanks for the spam! Always great to hear from you...

f.B: From one blogger to another, gibberish is where it's at.

Herb of DC: Did you get hit by a football?

Erin/LoCo Loca said...

Sorry, I have no good advice, though obviously that doesn't stop me from commenting...

I've been married so long I say stupid things like "The great thing about being single is that you get to meet so many interesting people!"

I really said that, and my friends still use it against me years later.

That said, gaming seems like a waste of time. The truth will come out eventually.

lacochran said...

Erin/LoCo Loca: It's true. It always does.

Leisha Camden said...

I have no idea about your question. But:
Once, I had a roommate who sent flowers to herself with the name of a fictitious boyfriend on the card in hopes of making another guy jealous. It seemed pretty lame to me. Apparently, it did to him, too. He didn't care before the flowers and he didn't care after the flowers.
Apparently, this trick did once work for Sandra Bullock.

Yeah, I have spotted the flaw in that theory, actually. ;-)

lacochran said...

Leisha Camden: In real life or a movie? Oh, who cares. If it works for Sandra, I'm in. Thanks for stopping by.

Leisha Camden said...

In real life. Allegedly, anyway. Check out this interview:
(It's either in there or in part 2 of the same interview.)

How fascinating ... !! ;-)

Daniel said...

I guess gaming only works if there is a certain end result that you are looking for.
Since I don't look for that result (instead aiming for a good, healthy relationship) I instead play the rarer game of straight facts. May not work all the time but I keep hoping that it will work (looks like I have a potential one on the hook now).

Tina said...

I think if people enjoy games - well then they should play them - with others who also enjoy the plotting stratagy and drama.

Me, I can't stand them -its fastest way to get me to run int he opposit direction in fact.

I do have a friend who seems into them and the guys that play them. more power to her. just listening to her discussions of it all exhausts me.

lacochran said...

Leisha Camden: Huh! It was in part 1. But it didn't have a happy ending after all.

Daniel: Ooo, reel 'em in slowwww, then give 'em a little play... oh, wait, right. No play. :)

Tina: I'm with you. Keeping all the games and drama straight is exhausting.