09 December 2008

"I know just what you're saying" --No Doubt

The cleaning lady is in the house and I am working from home. (Shut up. You spend your hard-earned money on what you want and so do we. We love a clean house and we hate to clean it so it is totally worth it so shut up.) Eventually, I hear her packing up her supplies...

Cleaning lady: Okay, I go. Thank you!
Me: Okay, thank you!
Cleaning lady: Thank you!
Me: Thank you!
*sound of door opening*
Cleaning lady: Ehhcuse me... you cheese es dry.
Me: I'm sorry...?
Cleaning lady: You cheese es dry.
My cheese? She's eating our cheese?
Me: My cheese?
Cleaning lady: Ches. You cheese. I put in dry.
*she points to the laundry room*
Me: The sheets??
Cleaning lady: Ches. You cheese. I put in dry.
Me: Ooooooohhhhhhhh! Great! Thank you!
Cleaning lady: Okay. Thank you!
Me: Thank you!
Cleaning lady: Okay. Thank you!
Me: Okay!


Lemmonex said...

I would never judge a cleaning lady--time is money. As long as you treat her with respect (which I know you do), I am all for it. My old boss used to treat her housekeeper like an indentured servant--and made me FIRe HER FOR HER. I was 22. It was awful.

f.B said...

i agree with Lemmonex. indentured servitude = bad. paying people and respecting them = so much better.

(my word verification is "puctsman." that sounds like something i should aspire to be)

LBluca77 said...

Hired help says the darndest things.

Herb of DC said...

wrap dry cheese in a damp paper towel and place it in a plastic bag to restore it to proper cheese humidity. Do NOT put it in the washer.

Matt said...

Personally I prefer my cheese to be dry.

Kate said...

My Cheese is Dry, too.

Narm said...

It isn't the cleaning lady that I have a problem with - it is that you make her dress in a sexy French Maid outfit.

fiona said...

I have "cleaning lady" on my wish list. Maybe I could borrow yours?

Anonymous said...

For some it is shoes, others handbags, still others may spend inordinate amounts of money on wine and cufflinks. Cleaning services work for me.

LiLu said...

Cleaning ladies are the best- every one I ever came in contact with was hilarious. It's even better if you can speak enough Spanish to understand the crazy stories they have!

Bilbo said...

I've been trying to find a cleaning lady willing to take on the task of cleaning up my study, but so far I haven't found one who's willing to bring her own dumpster and front-end loader.

Mike said...

I have to much 'stuff' to clean around. I could never afford to pay for the crew it would take to do that.

Katherine said...

Do you clean for your cleaning lady? Because I grew up having to do that and now I refuse to have a cleaning lady. I can't get past the need for a pre-clean. I can still hear my mother say, "But if you don't make your bed, the cleaning lady will Judge You!" Sigh.

Jon said...

That cartoon is awesome! Where do you find those?!

Arjewtino said...

My mom is your cleaning lady?

zandria said...

Ooh, I want one of those! Even if it's hard to understand her! :)

lacochran said...

Lemmonex: Sorry you went through that. I LOVE my cleaning service. Great people.

f.B: "f.B was an extraordinary puctsman in his day. He pucted better than anyone."

LBluca77: Wasn't that a show with Art Linkletter? Or was that Bill Cosby?

Herb of DC: That just makes good sense.

Matt: I don't like runny cheese. Other than that, wet or dry, I'm eating it.

Kate: Wait, is that spy code for something?

Narm: If she's not borrowing yours, what's it to you?

Fiona: Bitch of a commute.

RestaurantRefugee: Exactly.

Lilu: Now I have another reason to improve my Spanish.

Bilbo: Yeah, they want extra money for that up front.

Mike: Stick with wine and cufflinks.

Katherine: We put things away but we don't clean and we sure as heck don't make the bed or she wouldn't have been telling me about the dry cheese.

Jon: Ask the universe for what you want. In this case, the universe is Google Images.

Arjewtino: She did mention a son who ran over little boys in the skating rink. At least I THINK that's what she said. Who's to say for sure.

Zandria: Give it a try!

lacochran said...

Matt: Oh, who am I kidding. Even if it's runny, I'm eating it.