27 June 2015

"Go on and write me up for 125, Post my face, wanted dead or alive, Take my license, all that jive, I can't drive 55" --Sammy Hagar

I saw this as I was driving through DC and snapped a photo. It explains so much, doncha think?

I was raised in the 'burbs of Baltimore and there are times I head back there to see my cousins. I always notice the difference in level of aggression between the Washington beltway and the Baltimore beltway.  Mind you, they are geographically within an hour of each other but a million miles away from each other, in every other respect. In DC traffic, I bob and weave, lead-footed, never hesitating to give as good as I get. When I hit Baltimore, I suddenly feel like I'm hip-checking granny and her tapping white cane out of my way.

Question du annĂ©e:  Do you ever drive the speed limit?  

You know, when there's no cop around.

C'mon, it'll just be between us. Whisper it in my ear (over the roar of the accelerator.)


AbbotOfUnreason said...

Yay! You're back.

Every time I come back to Baltimore, I feel like there's so much construction on the beltway it's impossible to speed.

Both Baltimore & DC are madhouses compared to the laid back surfer drivers here on the central coast of California. I'm sure I've added 10 years to my life moving out here.

Mike said...

Sooooo, you've been stuck in traffic for a year?

The Bug said...

Never!! Well, if there's ice on the road...

Bowie Mike said...

I think I notice a difference between commuter driving and driving on the D.C. Beltway at other times of the day. Commuters have a common goal- get home or to work as fast as possible.

The road I like to drive on the least is the BW Parkway. Take the aggressive D.C. area driver, and restrict options by putting them on a two-lane highway, and the level of aggression increases. Every time there's a teaser on the news about a road rage incident or a driver shot, I turn to my wife and say "BW Parkway, I bet!" And I'm often right.

Alice said...

I was just driving on a one-lane, super-windy, hilly back country road this weekend in the mountains where the speed limit was 45. I told my husband I couldn't think of another time in my ENTIRE LIFE where I felt the need to go under the speed limit.

danielobvt said...

I always drive the speed limit when I am in residential areas (because outside highways and interstates the odds of you hitting a pedestrian are way higher.

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