26 October 2009

"I am a rock" --Simon and Garfunkel

Pssst! Over here... in the bathroom! If you can just open up the medicine cabinet for me...

Thanks! Now look down here...

Here I am. Name's Rock.

I know I'm hard to see. I've gotten pale in captivity. You'd be sickly looking, too, if you were kidnapped and kept for two years in a medicine cabinet, far from your beloved home. I used to be a beautiful pale green... the color of the sea that I was frolicking in, carefree, when she grabbed me. Oh, sure... at first it was exciting. A new adventure. But the thrill is gone. Look at me. I've turned city pasty. Yuck!

I've had enough of this! They're going back and I'll be damned if they leave me behind! If I can just inch over to the edge... and... oof!

There! But there are more perils on this journey.

Dang! That's high. No turning back now...


No, no. I'm all right. Just a little dazed. I've got to continue... *hustle*hustle*


Talk about a long haul down a long hall... *hustle*hustle*




Finally! My ticket to ride! *hustle*hustle*



{A mere two plane rides later...}

At last!

Ahhhh!!!! It's so good to be home!


Sean said...

Welcome back! It's sad that the rock committed suicide.

Anonymous said...

It is always interesting to see what is in people's med cabinets. Great story.

Tina said...

If I spend two years in your medicine cabnit will you release me into the wilds of Cozumel after wards?

Bowie Mike said...

Tune in tomorrow when the French manicure pen makes its way back to CVS.

[F]oxymoron said...

Ha! Rock on with the laughs.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I actually teared up a little bit. Just a little.

Maybe next time, you could give the little rock a cozy (http://obituarytypo.blogspot.com/2009/10/rock-cozies.html) to keep it comfy in the colder climate.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Very clever entry -- unfortunately, the song Solid Like a Rock has been playing through my head in every picture.

Did you capture a friend to bring as an excuse to go back again?

PQ said...

I cheered at the end!

Herb said...

Wait! Was that rock in this country illegally?

Barbara said...

Yay for the rock with balls! I call that determination to go home.

Welcome back to you! I've been looking at those Peeps for what seems like weeks and wondering if you were ever coming back.

Kate said...

I hope your trip was the loveliest!

Those pictures have convinced me (once again) that I need to move back near the ocean sometime before I die.

Mike said...

How did the rock get through customs? I'd like to hear the story you told the customs agent on why there was a rock in your bag.

Dmbosstone said...

This was an amazing post- a very cute photo spread.

Alice said...

i'm pretty sure i don't know what just went on here, except for the fact that i think i want to be that rock. aside from being held captive in a medicine cabinet for 2 years, i suppose.

brad said...

Welcome back!

Did your rock rack up any frequent flyer miles? I can't imagine it needs them anymore, now that it's home. *ahem*

Berto said...

Yay! Welcome back!

I must say, I kinda loved that story and may or may not have awww-ed at the end.

Kate said...

This was sweet.

Anonymous said...

Awww... how cute! It reminds me of My Milk Toof a little bit (mymilktoof.blogspot.com)

rachaelgking said...


Good to have you back!!!

lacochran said...

Sean: He's gone to a far, far better place.

justjp: Glad it wasn't TMI for you.

Tina: Absolutely! :)

Bowie Mike: Made me laugh out loud! Thanks! :)

[F]oxymoron: I'll tumble for you.

AbbotofUnreason: You do find the most amazing things. No worries, it doesn't get much below 60F there so Rock should be happy as a... rock.

Little Ms Blogger: The thrill is still hot!hot!hot!hot!hot! :) No, I didn't want to get reported to the SPCR.

PQ: I got a little misty myself.

Herb of DC: No hablo Ingles.

Barbara: Wondering if you'd get a peep out of me? *insert groan here*

Kate: Me, too! Let's be neighbors!

Mike: I've no idea what Rock said. I didn't realize he'd escaped until I saw his post.

Dmbosstone: Thanks. :)

Alice: Even with the French manicure pen?

f.B: Rock apparently traveled in the luggage compartment, so, sadly, no FF miles to give away.

12minds: :) Awww, everybody likes a happy ending.

Kate: :)

longredcape: Huh! Thanks for the link. Great site that I knew nothing about.

LiLu: :) Thanks! Nice to be back in blogland.

Titania said...

Hail to the brave little rock!

Titania said...

PS: Welcome back!

Madame Meow said...

That was the cutest post ever-- what a great idea!

(Oh, and welcome back!)