15 July 2009

"I found God on the corner of First and Amistad" --The Fray

This morning, on my standard commute, I am sitting in my car at a light and I turn to the right and see two guys standing, smoking, staring in my direction. I immediately feel uncomfortable. I don't know why. I think "dirtbags". I wonder why I have this visceral--and likely unfair--reaction. I look around, not seeing anything they might be staring at. I look back at them. They're still standing, smoking, staring. I don't want to make eye contact so I look straight ahead.

It's a long light. And I won't turn my head to the right. So, eventually, I turn to the left, again. There, I see a young man (20s?) with a book bag slung over his shoulder and he's walking but not like you and I walk. His legs don't work right. It's as if he's dragging each leg to get each foot into the right configuration. If he weren't so young, I'd think he had polio. Muscular dystrophy? Cerebral palsy? Sadly, there are lots of reasons legs don't work right. I think "poor guy" as I watch him slowly, laboriously make his way down the sidewalk.

As he is crossing the street, he breaks into a run. It's somehow less disturbing to watch him run. He's still ungainly but maybe it's because lots of people look flaily when they run and he is impressive. He is booking it for all he's worth and I'm surprised at how quickly he can move.

It's at this point that the bus comes up and I realize this guy is running for the bus stop. The light is changing but the bus goes through the yellow light and I know there's no way this guy is going to make the bus stop in time. He's still too far away. If only the bus had stopped at the light... My heart sinks for this guy.

With the light change, I start to drive. And, as I go, I see the bus pull up next to the running guy and the doors open. He stops and turns. And I am happy.


Anonymous said...

Ass, I'm glad he got the bus. That would make me happy too.

Anonymous said...

That should be "aww." oops!

rachaelgking said...

Thanks for the heartwarm. Wednesday can always use a little bit o that.

Liebchen said...

This gave me the good kind of chills. And I love the lyric you chose for the title.

PQ said...

Love it.

Thank you.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Great post and I'm glad the bus driver was kind enough to stop.

Although it is sad that we are more amazed when we hear stories where someone does nice things for another.

Bilbo said...

Speaking as one who has all-too-often had his Fairfax Connector Bus blow right past him as he stands at the stop, jumping up and down, yelling, and waving, I'm glad that this particular bus driver did the right thing.

Mike said...

Time to pay it forward.

Pretty Unfamous said...

I think most bus drivers are nice enough to stop when people are running to catchc up.

f.B said...

I just saw a bus driver ignore a guy yesterday. I'm glad there's some balance out there.

Narm said...

More or less everything I do can be described as "flaily"

Cyndy said...

It is heartwarming to see a bus wait for someone who is running to catch it. It doesn't always work out that way.

G said...
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G said...

Someone needs to give this bus driver a hug.

lacochran said...

liferehab: I was just about to ask "Who you calling Ass?" when your correction came in.

LiLu: Started my day right, glad it helped yours.

Liebchen, PQ: I'm glad. :)

Little Ms Blogger: True. Maybe we don't notice enough of the good around us? Nahhh.

Bilbo: Next time don't flip the bird at the driver. Just a suggestion.

Mike: Suggestions?

Angela: Really? Maybe you're in a different neighborhood than Bilbo and f.B?

f.B: Was it Bilbo?

Narm: But in a really manly way, I'm sure.

Cyndy: It sure warmed my heart.

G: Hear! Hear!

Nardeeisms said...

Needed to read this morning...great story.

However, I found this "just a little late"

It's September