11 December 2007

It's the Time of the Season (TV)

Remember when there was a lot of decent stuff on TV? Okay, it's been a lot of years, but stroll with me down memory lane. There was a time when there was more than one night a week with something to watch. Not only that but you'd know when the "TV season" was starting. In fact, one of the counterpoints to the horribleness of going back to school was that at least you had the new TV season to look at come September. There would be specials with genuine stars talking about the new shows. And then the TV season consisted of a number of real seasons' worth (Fall/Winter/Spring) of new shows and then summer came and you had reruns. Ah, nostalgia.

Then they cut the number of episodes. You got one, maybe two, real seasons and then reruns and more reruns.

Then they started with "mid-season replacements" which were sometimes better than the official season starters.

Then they started switching somewhat willy nilly to the point where you said "Wait, is that show on? Is it canceled? What's the deal? I thought that show was in this time slot...?"

Now we have the writers' strike. So we have even more reruns.

I've noticed that the "reality" shows aren't rerunning. Does that mean they don't have writers? Or just that they're filmed so far in advance that it doesn't affect them?

I miss the good old days of television. Is it any wonder that TV Land is so popular?

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