15 November 2007

Restaurant Review: Jaipur

We had the pleasure of Saturday lunch at Jaipur in Fairfax. If you weren't looking for the restaurant, you might easily drive by it. It is located on the ground floor of an apartment building and the facade is very simple and unassuming. But step inside and be transported!

Ambiance: There's plenty of space in this multi-room, very popular restaurant. The decoration is intentionally in pink tones in honor of "the pink city" and connotes a level of comfort that is very pleasant--layered tablecloths, comfortable seating, wall decorations that take you to Jaipur and make you feel welcome. The only exception to the decor was the freakish marionettes in the lobby/bar area that I couldn't resist getting a photo of. Distinctive--I'll give 'em that. The dress code? None that I could see. 25/30.

Service: Although this was a buffet, the service was very attentive and without flaw. The hot naan came immediately. The drinks came promptly and correctly. The plates were cleared quickly. The food on the buffet was always fresh, plentiful and presented attractively. 27/30.

Food: Jaipur had the largest variety I've ever seen on an Indian buffet and everything we had was tasty. Salad, desserts, fruit, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, classics and some things that were new to me. They aren't afraid to use spices here and the result is wonderful. I particularly liked what I would refer to as barbecue shrimp but it was all good and the different flavors worked well together. The only weak element was the samosas which were flavored adequately but grew tough from sitting out. 27/30.

Vegetarian: Good options including a spinach dish, a potato dish, a very spicy cabbage dish, dal, etc. 27/30.

Cost: Incredibly reasonable. $11.95 per person for unlimited buffet! This has got to be the best deal in town! 30/30.

Bonus: Plenty of free parking. +2

Overall: If you are looking for many Indian options for not a lot of money, Jaipur is an inviting place to go. 27/30.

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