24 July 2007

The World Series of Pop Culture

Have you caught any episodes of VH1's World Series of Pop Culture?

If you missed it I strongly recommend you try to catch it in re-runs. This show will make you feel good in two ways: 1) you're not the only one with incredibly detailed useless knowledge in your brain and 2) you're affliction is nowhere near as bad as these people's.

They have categories of trivia like "The Tao of Bill Murray" where they give you a quote that Bill Murray said and you have to name the movie. And it isn't all Animal House either. How many Madonna albums can you name? How many actors from the original cast of 90210? Do you know the name of the Love Boat? How about if they give you a lyric or two from a Weird Al song... can you name the original it's spoofing?

This is amazingly intricate useless stuff and these teams kick butt!!! Awesome.

Joe Bob says "Check it out!"


Anonymous said...

But... Bill Murray wasn't in Animal House.

lacochran said...

You could totally be on a WS of PC team! :)

Good catch. ;)