02 July 2007

Movie Review: Ratatouille

We decided to do something we rarely do: we saw a movie in the theater when it was released! Outrageous, I know. We decided to see Ratatouille, in Digital at the AMC Hoffman, after a brief visit downtown to the Smithsonian Folklike Festival, a swing through the Museum of Natural History to visit the fabulous jewels, and a drink and ceviche at Oyamel.

So to Ratatouille... I liked this movie very much. It took me back to the days of great Disney animation but with Pixar's great advances. The animation is amazing, the acting/voicing is well done and the story line is solid.

Simply put, it is the story of Remy, a rat with great olfactory skills who dreams of being a cook. At a deeper level, it is an expression of the American dream: if you want it bad enough and work hard enough, you can attain it, no matter who (or what) you are.

It truly has a lot of charm for both kids and adults. And even the rats--and hundreds of rats fill the screen--come across as likable. "Uchhh, how can you watch that?! I can't stand to look at the commercial" says my mother. Well, if you're very anti-rat or downright phobic then this movie is not for you. Otherwise, check it out.

Extra bonus: Before the film, they showed a Pixar short entitled "Lifted" that was very funny.

Personally, I think the short is the optimal format for animation. Like in the days of my youth when you always got a cartoon before the feature. They ought to return to that.

I give the film 3.5 out of 4 jujubees.

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