29 December 2006

January 2/Day of Mourning/Fed Day Off

President George W. Bush signed an executive order on January
28, 2006, stating that "all executive departments, independent establishments, and other governmental agencies shall be closed on January 2, 2007, as a mark of respect for Gerald R. Ford, the thirty-eighth President of the United States."

Is it wrong to be happy that I have a day off to honor the memory of Gerald Ford?

Gerry seemed like a likable enough fellow, whether you agreed with the whole pardon thing or not. I'd like to think he'd be pleased that I'm pleased. I'd sure be pleased if people got the day off from work in rememberence of me! Talk about passing on good karma!

Giving people the day off beats the heck out of having a highway named after you. You get a highway named after you and your name'll be used most often in conjunction with expletives, as in "There was a %$^@@! 24-mile back-up on the Cochran today." Poor Woodrow Wilson. I can only imagine how many times his name has been linked to all those special characters above the numbers. And all because they named a bridge after him.

Definitely, a day off is the way to go if at all possible. If not, then at least a park instead of a traffic route.

I wonder what will be/has been named for James Brown. Something appropriately soulful, I hope.

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