15 December 2006

The ballad of "Maybe Just One More"

[To the tune of "Silver Bells"]

Have a brownie
And some cheesecake
Gotta try the rum balls
Down at work there's a feeling of Christmas

Plate of cookies
Chocolate truffles
Look, there's egg nog out, too
And at every work gathering you feel...

Bulging guts,
Bulging guts,
Too many sweets looking yummy
Diet woes
Can't say "no"
Soon it will be New Year's Day

Days are shorter
Days are colder
Makes you want to eat more
And who's got the hours to work out
Getting flabby
Getting lazy
And you know I'll regret
All the yummy food items I eat

Bulging guts,
Bulging guts,
It's Christmas time at the office
Diet woes
Can't say "no"
Can't wait to see New Year's Day.

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