20 September 2006

Quick scenes from a conference I'm attending...

I swear I was in the ladies room stall when the woman in the next stall took a business call. Complete with "Yes, sir, I'll look into that. Let me get a piece of paper and get the number from you..." One can only imagine what "sir" thought of the flushing sounds in the background. Bizarre.

What is it about free food that makes it taste so good? Why do we eat double what we'd eat at home, simply because someone else is paying for it and it's there?? Wish I knew. And how Pavlovian are we? It takes a day to establish a pattern: It's 2:00. Yesterday at 2:00 there were cookies. Right here on this table, they were. I know it was this table. Where are the cookies? *slobber*panic*slobber* Cookies?!?!!

Not sure which type of speaker is worse: the one that looks painfully bored with his own presentation (and probably is because heaven knows we were) or the one who posits questions just to be able to answer them.

Hm, at least the cookies were yummy.

And look at the free pad and pen I got! :) :)

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