27 September 2006

"Be vewwy quiet. I'm hunting speeders! Hahahahah!"--E. Fudd

I don't really get the point of obvious, consistent speedtraps. If you travel Rte 295 between the south and north sections of the Washington Beltway you will see a speedtrap. There's one on the southbound side and there's one of the northbound side in close proximity to each other. On both sides, there's a vehicle and an obvious radar/camera set up to snap license plates of speeders.

I could tell you where it is but there's really no reason to--you'll know. It's there every day. All day. Every commuter knows it's there. And if you are not a commuter but you find yourself in commuter traffic, you'll know something's up long before you get to it. People slow down to the required 55, or sometimes even 45-50 mph, a good two miles before the trap.

Now it would be different if this was not a well-used road. But the only time this isn't a heavily populated route is at 3 am. So how much revenue could they possibly be pulling in? I do prefer the obvious speed traps to the sneaky ones but I just don't see the point of slowing up traffic when you get no revenue in return.

Yeah, I know. Safetyblahblahblahsavinglivesblahblahblah. Nobody's buying that.

Odd, that's what it is.

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