15 October 2012

"Hey, leader, strike up the band!" --Gershwin & Gershwin

We are standing in the AT&T store talking to the clerk at the counter.

Me:  I'm going to go with the iPhone.

Hubs:  The 4?  Or are you going to wait weeks for the 5?

Before I can answer the guy behind me takes it out.*  That's right, he pulls his iPhone 5 out of his pocket and interjects:  Wait for the 5, it's totally worth it!  You'll love it.  Here!  Feel it!

He motions to hand his phone to Hubs.

Hubs to Guy:  I don't love anything about Apple.  In fact I think they're the great Satan.**

We can feel all eyes turning to look at us.

Guy:  *pause*  What are you an Android guy?

Hubs:  That's right.

Guy, dismissively:  Oh, there's no comparison.

Hubs:  I couldn't agree more!

Guy: *blink* ***

Later, after the purchase is complete, and we are in the car...

Me, incredulous:  You announced that you thought Apple was the great Satan in an AT&T store.  Why would you say that?!  You know Apple isn't the great Satan.  That's always been Bill Gates!

Hubs:  I just wanted to shut him up.  I could just tell he was one of those people who camped out so he could be one of the first people to get one.  He was just looking for an opportunity to show it off.

So, anyway, things change. When everybody had a Blackberry, I had a Palm.  When all the cool kids bought an iPhone, I bought an Android.  Now everyone is jumping on the iPhone 5 bandwagon and I'm tired of being bandwagon-less.  

So, yeah, the iPhone 5 is on its way.

God have mercy on my soul.

Question du jour:  Just how damn cute are lemmings?

ELAINE: He took it out.
JERRY: (confused) He what?
ELAINE: He took (blows on her glasses twice to clean them) it out.

JERRY: He took what out?


JERRY: He took It, Out?

ELAINE: Yessiree Bob.

JERRY: He couldn't.

ELAINE: He did.

JERRY: (motions of making out) Well you were involved in some sort of amorous...

ELAINE: Noooo.

JERRY: You mean he just


JERRY: Are you sure?

ELAINE: Oh quite.

JERRY: There was no mistaking it?

ELAINE: (looks straight into his eyes) Jerry.

JERRY: So you were talking, (Elaine makes an agreement sound "mmm") you're having pleasant conversation, (Elaine makes an agreement sound "mmm") then all of sudden...






** If the AT&T store were an old west saloon, this is when the piano player would stop playing. 

*** Piano player resumes music, people start talking, and Miss Kitty considers investing in sarsaparilla futures.


The Bug said...

Hey I still have a palm! I use it to play music (because I use my little iRiver gadget to play books). I don't even have an iPod, much less an i anything else. Sigh. And to think, I used to be the cool kid with my palm...

Yes, lemmings ARE cute (she says bitterly with her pay-as-you-go flip phone).

Anonymous said...

I was tired of being bandwagon-less when I still had my BlackBerry, so I canceled my Verizon (family) plan and switched to AT&T just so I could get the iPhone. About 2 months later, Verizon started carrying the iPhone.

Damn that bandwagon allure. (But I do still love my iPhone.)

Elizabeth said...

I didn't mean to be anonymous, just fyi. I was apparently just too eager to comment.

Titania said...

hahahaha. Love your hubs. Although my android owner a$$ is now hating her phone (it keeps dying on me and then resuscitating, serious Jesuschrist complex) and will pledge allegiance to Satan by getting an Iphone as soon as my contract is up.

Mike said...

You are far far ahead of me. I have a cell phone that has buttons with numbers on them. And I forget to take it with me a lot.

Bilbo said...

In Israel, do they use oy-Phones?

asplenia said...

Haha! My favorite part of this is the Seinfeld clip. Totally reblogging that (will credit).