22 April 2011

A Quickie

Me: Happy Earth Day! I got you dirt.

Him: Thank you! It's also Good Friday. I got you a dead messiah.

Me: Ooo! I hope it fits in with the living room colors.


Titania said...

Barbecue to celebrate? ;-)

Liebchen said...

I love a good dose of catty eggs. It's really what Easter is all about.

HK said...

"I got you dirt". I read this as "Dirt, I have your back" but now I'm thinking you meant dirt is a gift. Which it is.

Really, I need to stop eatting jelly beans. My brain is mush.

Have a great weekend!

The Bug said...

LOL - you two are nuts :)

Mike said...

Actually I could use a truck load of dirt. How soon is it getting here?

GreenCanary said...

I find that Dead Messiah works best with earth tones.

Barbara said...

At least he didn't accuse you of killing his messiah... :)

lacochran's evil twin said...

Titania: :) Why not?

Liebchen: And clucking bunnies!

HK: We know who's getting dirt for their next birthday!

The Bug: Thanks for taking it in the spirit it was intended.

Mike: Sorry, you have to bury the bodies on your own.

GreenCanary: Whew!

Barbara: He's good that way.