03 March 2011

"I miss you since I've been away" --Scorpions

You know how you hate those self-indulgent bloggers that post videos of music because they LOVE THAT SONG and they're way too crazy busy to write a decent post and they somehow feel that if you just hear this brilliant song, that they had absolutely nothing to do with, that you'll feel way closer to them and totally GET them and blahblahBLAHDIblah?

No? You like that sort of thing?

I did not see that coming. You are full of surprises! *chucks you under chin*

Okay, then, for you: Here's the clean version of Pink's latest with pink outlined lyrics, just to make it a little more precious.








AbbotOfUnreason said...

The voices in my head like this song. I'll never trust them again.

I'm experiencing some dissonance linking Pink and Scorpion.

Mike said...

I'm not a song words person. That said this is a good music song.

suicide_blond said...

dont you worry... many a time a pic of a fancy lipstick or worse my little dog suffices for a post! ...that said...i had never heard this song...looved it... im not being creepy hanging out on your blog all day..i just kinda keep playing it over and over... promise!

Herb said...

Wasn't she once the Artist Known as P!nk?

Unknown said...
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Cinderellen said...

Perfectly fair - I'll post a song or a clip that I want to remember for myself. Things disappear quickly under the onslaught of the Internet after all. Besides, I liked it.

P said...

Aw, never heard that song before. Bit cheesy. But sweet!

lacochran's evil twin said...

Aw, you guys are the best! Group hug!