07 January 2009

Best Ticket in Town

There are a lot of rumors currently circulating about the Bloggerational Ball and how it differs from the other (ho-hum) inaugural balls. These are the ones I can print:

  • the sexiest bloggers are going to attend (in sexy formal-wear, no less)
  • there will be representation from DC and non-DC bloggers (ooo, exotic!)
  • the food will be to die for (none of that mass-produced, warmed over stuff)
  • the drinks will be top shelf and you won't have to wait in lines 100 deep to get to it (priorities!)
  • the music will be awesome (woo-HOOO!)
  • it's Sunday night ('cause anybody can have a ball on inauguration night but this ball is for people who are in the know)
Do you really need to know more? Fine: BlogBallDetails

Not a rumor: this blogger will be in attendance.

Hope to see you there!


rachaelgking said...

The sexiest bloggers are going to attend (in sexy formal-wear, no less)

Truer words have never been spoken! Can't wait!

Kate said...

Hrmph. Stuck in South Dakota again.

fiona said...

I'm just not sexy enough :(

Gilahi said...

the sexiest bloggers are going to attend (in sexy formal-wear, no less)

And I'll be there too!

Rahul said...

Well I won't be there so this is false advertising.

Oh you said sexiest, I thought you said messiest. Continue.

Matt said...

I actually heard about a meet up on feb 20th in DC that I was thinking about going to.

Mike said...

I assume you've put my airline ticket in the mail already?

brad said...

argh. Still don't know how heavy my family commitment is that weekend. I would love to rub elbows with such an elite class of people

Herb said...

Will there be any mimes there? I'm still on the fence but that could help push me over.

lacochran said...

Lilu: Woot!

Kate: Says who? Hop a bus, Gus.

Fiona: SB says otherwise! Hop a plane.

Gilahi: The sexiest of them all!

Rs27: Sexy and messy often go together.

Matt: Meet up? When you can attend a Ball?!

Mike: No, but I can give you a place to crash!

f.B: Oh, come! Just tell them you've been invited to an inaugural ball! They'll be so impressed. When they ask you if Obama will be there, be vague... "hard to say for sure... so much security..."

Herb of DC: Wait, would a mime make you more or less likely to come? You've already got the orange tux. Come!