13 May 2009

"You're a grand old flag, you're a high flying flag" --George M. Cohan

For sale: Tiny, bright flags. Dozens of them available. Each approximately 1' tall (including tiny flag pole). Great for marking underground utility lines or waving during tiny parades. All offers considered. Will accept barter of Twinkies or Devil Dogs (but not Snowballs. I'm serious: Don't be bringing those DayGlo pink mounds of ickiness around.)

Our lawn has more flags than the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Plus bright splashes of spray paint. Festive, no?


Verizon is bringing FIOS to our neighborhood. Eventually. Did I ask for FIOS? No, I did not. Do I want FIOS or anything else from Verizon? No, I do not. Do I find it annoying when people ask and answer their own questions? Apparently, I'm okay with it. Go figger.

But, LA, the county has to mark where the lines are before Verizon can dig.

True, but we've been flagged and painted three times in the last month and still Verizon is no where near our neighborhood. NOT reasonable. Not even a little bit reasonable. You want lower taxes? Maybe the county could save a little money on labor, paint, and flags by not doing this over and over and over again! GAAAAK!


AbbotOfUnreason said...

Is it anything like this house in Chestertown, MD?


Liebchen said...

I wonder what would happen if you moved some of those flags a few feet. Throw off the entire project? Wanna find out?

Matt said...

Snowballs are fricking gross.

Why do they even make them? Does anyone eat them? Seriously?

Mike said...

Locates are only good for 10 days. Then the locate company has no more responsibility.

Hey, locates every 10 days. I think I just figured out a way to irritate the whole nieghborhood.

fiona said...

I'm with Liebchen - move the feckers - at night, undercover op, I'll help ya! We could be "Navy Seals" lol

Narm said...

Maybe there are ants playing Risk in your yard and you didn't know it. Happened to me once in the 80's.

f.B said...

This dilemma would be so much easier to solve if the other (only) option was Comcast.

lacochran said...

AbbotofUnreason: Ha! Yes! But more colorful. We have reds and yellows.

Liebchen: You've no idea how often I've been tempted.

Matt: Seriously. There ought to be a law.

Mike: Don't let me catch you putting flags on my lawn...

Fiona: Can I be a Navy walrus? They look lazier.

Narm: :)

f.B: Life would be so much easier if life were so much easier.