21 May 2009

"Mary Joleisa, Always the same, That's not my name" --The Ting Tings

Last time I saw Lemmonex, we got into a discussion on many important topics, among them, how rude it is when someone can't be bothered to get your name right. Either they mangle it or they abbreviate it or they diminuitivize it ("Robert"? Eff that, I'm calling you "Bobby"!). Or whatev!

How hard is it to listen when someone says what their name is and learn it?

I say that, knowing full well that there is a thing that happens to me (maybe you, too?) that when I'm introduced to someone new, I'm so busy trying to gather myself up into a worthwhile person that I totally blank on anything they say to me. This makes it dang near impossible to get their name.

All this leads to the question du jour plus a song I've been digging:

The question du jour: When someone gets your name wrong, do you correct them? And, if so, how many times are you willing to do this? At what point is knee-capping acceptable?


Fearless in Toronto said...

People have been pronouncing my name differently my entire life, to the point where I answer to almost any version of it. Truth.

But getting it WRONG is another thing altogether. One clear correction should take care of that. Anything more than that is unacceptable and knee-cap worthy.

justjp said...

I am totally the guy that doesn't introduce a girlfriend/friend to someone, so they have to ask the persons name. It's horrible, but it works.

Lemmonex said...

I love that song.

Well, I just keep on correcting them. Not agressively but every time they call me Alexa, Alex, Lexie, Alexis, Alexi..WHATEVER...I just keep on saying "It's Lexa". Over and over and over again.

kelsi said...

Oh! This drives me nuts. I started a new job nine months ago and a good percentage of my coworkers are still calling me the completely wrong name. Granted, they call the girl who has that name my name, so at least my name is getting used...even if it's not attached to me.
Knee-capping is appropriate after the third correction. But I may be too lenient.

liferehab said...

I'm awful with names. Especially nicknames. I make up nicknames for everyone. Because of this, I don't really care when people get my name wrong. Usually I wont even correct them. It just doesn't phase me.

SingLikeSassy said...

My name is spelled one way and pronounced another (thanks Mom and Dad!) and I have no problem correcting people. People send email to my address which has my name spelled correctly, obviously, but they spell my name incorrectly in the email. What's worse is when they REPLY to my email at work, which has my name spelled correctly AND an email signature RIGHT THERE underneath my message with my name in it and still, they reply and spell my name incorrectly.

I address it each and every time.

Liebchen said...

I've been trying so hard to get over the high school/college abbreviation of my name, that I'll correct nearly everyone.

I don't knee-cap though. I'm more of a "withering look" type of girl.

PQ said...

It's inevitable that people will get my name wrong.

I correct them the first time.

The second time?

Poke 'em in the eye.

Deutlich said...

I ALL KINDS of love that video.

And usually if someone gets my name wrong I just correct 'em.

Now.. as for my online name? I don't bother. Nobody gets that right unless they speak a Germanic language.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I used to love when this person I knew when introducing me to others used my first name and maiden name (funny thing, she only met when I was married - not sure how she knew my maiden name).

Anyway got divorced and that's when she began using my last name when introduced.

Best is when she would introduce herself everytime she met my ex and finally her husband stepped and said 'Irene, you've met Chris before'.

lustyreader said...

i hate any contractions of my name so i will ALWAYS correct someone who tries to shorten it. although it's pretty common, people can't spell it, so when i got to starbucks, or mr. smoothie, or somewhere where they ask your name so they can call it out when your order's ready?

i tell them my name is Kate. works like a charm.

fiona said...

I pretty much answer to anything.
Hey you! is my fav ;-)

repliderium.com said...

I will correct twice. Once because everyone forgets and twice just because (though it's a little snarky the second time. If a third is required, I just start calling them by multiple different made up names. (There is far less chance of a lawsuit with this method)

Mike said...

I watched the video. I never did pick up what her name was.

rs27 said...

I don't really care what people call me as long as "Sexy" is in front of it.

Titania said...

My name is written the same in English and in Spanish, however pronounced differently. I pronounce it the Spanish way, just because, you know, that is how I was named when I was born, with all and being born in an Spanish speaking country. Anyhoo, I have actually being CORRECTED here, some people actually think they should teach me how to pronounce my own name. Drives me up the walls.

On the other side, since it is hard to to pronounce the way I do it, I am perfectly content with knowing they are doing an effort, no matter how it comes out.

Gilahi said...

Ah, the joys of having an ordinary, unmisprouncable name. The downside is that I can never get one of those cool little key chains with your name on it because my name is so common it's always sold out. "Space reserved for *****".

Barbara said...

A name is awfully important. I say correct the person until he/she is so embarrassed that your name comes out right EVERY TIME -- no unwanted nicknames either!

Shannon said...

I spend a lot of time being addressed as Sharon. Drives me nuts. What's even loopier is when people assume my name is Janet. How do they even get Janet out of Shannon? (Hrm, that sounded dirty)

f.B said...

I get called "brian" more times than i can count. it's been making me think i have this speech impediment that keeps screwing me.

lacochran said...

Fruitless in Squanto: Noted.

fussandpee: Excellent strategy.

Lemonpledge: It's in my head a lot.

Delsym: Yeah, probably too lenient.

wifedescab: It's good you're so easygoing.

SpringMyChassis: Thanks Mom and Dad, indeed! They had a cruel streak, huh?

Weakchin: Oh, me, too! If only it worked!

PU: Makes sense. *ducks!*

Newtgrich: It is catchy music, dang it. Catchy!

Whittle This Frogger: How strange. Did she have a screw loose?

crustyfeeder: Sounds like a good strategy.

Taibabilonia: Hey you!

delirium&mom: There ya go... Turnabout is fair play.

Spike: You have to listen to it backwards at 33 RPM to get the name.

Forrestinheaven: You're bringing sexy back!

Mylantia: Some people have such nerve!

Millatree: You are luckier than most.

Barbedwire: Noted.

Shamalamdingdong: Beats me. You don't even look like a Janet.

Nestea: Not that I've noticed.

Sean said...

Very catchy song!

The only time my name gets mispronounced is by telemarketers. I just tell them that there's no one with that name here.

Of course, I should point out that I had a 40-minute conversation last night with a guy named Skip. At the end of the call, I said thanks Stan.

Alex said...

I suck at names. I need to hear any new person's name at least a couple of times before I get it down. So I'm pretty forgiving when others get my name wrong, unless I'm already predisposed to not liking them.

And thanks for introducing me to a new song!

lacochran said...

Spawn: It's true, it is! :)

Maalox: It is catchy, yes?