18 May 2009

Hallmark cards for blogger occasions

(front of card)

Words of concern at this difficult time

(inside card)

To a wonderful boss...

I understand you found my blog

My little stories you acquired

In them, you recognize yourself

And now you're using words like "fired

But please remember all the good times
How hard I've worked through lots of muck

In a job that's not so easy
And, please, forget I called you "shmuck"

Thanks for reconsidering!

Hallmark? You know where to find me.


Gilahi said...

I might have gone another way with a rhyme for "muck".

Malnurtured Snay said...


LBluca77 said...

HA! I'm with Gilahi on using a different word.

f.B said...

*crosses fingers, hopes none of us ever actually need this card*

Liebchen said...

Haha - f.B. beat me to it!

AbbotOfUnreason said...

This has so many possibilities.

Front of card:
Bon voyage!

image: http://farzin.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/goodbye-card-2.jpgInside card:

Last week while googling T. Rex
I found a blog filled with sex
I was awful surprised
By your terrible lies
Now I'm telling folks that you're my ex.

Have a good life, dear!

Herb of DC said...

Fortunately I work in a group that supports my organization's social media efforts. If anything I am mocked for not using Twitter.

Kate said...

Uh oh! Hope you haven't had to use this recently!

repliderium.com said...

Yeah- I'd buy that card!

Barbara said...

This makes me very nervous, even though I no longer have a paying job. I often wondered if my boss knew about my Blog when I was working. I was extremely careful not to use names, but I was not overly kind to my last boss or to a couple of people who caused me untold problems. I hope you never need to send one of these cards...

Mike said...

"In a job that's not so easy
And, please, forget I called you "shmuck"."

In a job that's not so easy
because I really don't give a ....

Wv: latiogis - A tiogis that belongs to LA.

Sean said...

Personally, I think much and shmuck is very well done!

lacochran's evil twin said...

Gilahi, LBluca77, AbbotofUnreason, Mike: Please see today's post for an exciting opportunity!

Malnurtured Snay, repliderium.com, Sean: :) Thanks.

f.B, Liebchen, Kate, Barbara: So far, so good. Let's keep a happy thought.

Herb of DC: There are much worse things to be mocked for!