08 May 2009

"C is for cookie that's good enough for me" --Cookie Monster

It's Friday and work's a bear* so... let's keep it simple.

The top-selling Girl Scout Cookies are:

  • Thin Mints
  • Samoas (Caramel deLites)
  • Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties)
  • Do-si-dos (Peanut Butter Sandwiches)
  • Trefoils (Shortbread)
(And you thought I couldn't be informative!)

Now, to me, one of those listed above is fiendishly delicious while the others are completely meh. Am I alone? *listens for crickets and coyote howling in the distance* Let's find out.

What's the best GS cookie?

And, more importantly, will they eventually get down to the size of M&Ms?

* And not the adorable Boo-Boo kind, either.


AbbotOfUnreason said...

Tagalongs, definitely.

I had to go look at a picture to see which peanut-butter cookie was which. I haven't given in to the little extortionists in a long while.


The pictures are in the same order as popularity.

Fearless in Toronto said...

Consider yourself lucky to have choice. In Canada, Girl Guide cookies comes in chocolate and vanilla. Period.

Shannon said...

Remember Kookaburras? They were caramel and shortbread, and were discontinued sometime in the 80s.

Bob said...

For me it's all about the Peanut Butter.
Tagalong, babies.

Matt said...


by far.

Kristin said...

I've got four of the five on my counter at the moment. I'd stick them in the freezer but there's no room with last year's boxes taking up space. I like 'em all.

SingLikeSassy said...

I only like Thin Mints and Shortbread. The rest of that is nasty. One, cause I don't AT ALL LIKE coconut. And I hate the peanut butter ones because years ago when I was a GS, we had overage (I am not a salesperson, OK?) and it was those damn peanut butter sandwiches and patties and my mom put them in the freezer and we had to eat them for months. I never want to see another one of those two cookies again as long as I live.

f.B said...

Girl scouts and I have never gotten along. They're like crackheads, aggressively trying to sell me stuff I don't want.

Unless you were a girl scout. If so, they are angels.

Narm said...

My box of GS cookies was more like a box of GS cookie and air. Those little sluts are getting stingy.

That may have been too harsh.

Thin Mints

LBluca77 said...

Thin mints hands down are the best. Oh how bad do I want to eat an entire box right now?

fiona said...

Thin mints.
What is it with this country and peanut butter anyway? LOL

Liebchen said...

I can never choose between Thin Mints and Tagalongs. Don't make me choose!

repliderium.com said...

Fearless in Toronto- We have the chocolate minty ones too! But yeah, our GG are kinda lame!

Herb of DC said...

Thin Mints and Trefoils, yes! Do-Si-Don'ts and Tagalongs(gag).

rs27 said...

Before I became allergic to PB it was Tagalongs. I could eat those by the truckload.

If there was that sort of thing.

longredcape said...



I'm a tad enthusiastic about this.

Mike said...

Thin Mints and Trefoils - Thin mints go in the freezer right away but don't stay there long.

G said...

In Canada we have chocolate, vanilla and chocolate mint. We only get three choices 'cuz anymore would just confuse us. I like the mint ones. The make me happy.

Alex said...

I seriously overdosed on Samoas in the 1990s. Now I can't stand the thought of any of them.

lacochran said...

All: How can I tastefully tell my readers they have no taste? Well, longredcape and Alex have/had taste. I guess that's something. Honestly, this is devastating.

Kate said...

The best are Thin Mints (straight from the freezer) followed very closely by Samoas (or whatever they're being called these days).

lacochran's evil twin said...

Kate: Thanks for weighing in. I'm pretty sure they're still called Samoas.