11 May 2009

"Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies" --Fleetwood Mac

[Not what I saw but amusing all the same.]

I have seen this more than once, and if I had a working camera (read: if I had a working cell phone--more on that later) I'd have snapped a picture of it yesterday when I saw it again.

What did I see?

Someone paid good money* to have their license plate tell people what make of car they're driving. So, say they are driving a CRX, their license plates will say CRX. Just CRX. Or, maybe, if they're driving a CRX XL, they'll have a plate that says CRX XL. They'll have this personalized tag, even though the car has CRX written on the body of the car, shockingly close to the license plate. They've spent money to say CRX all over again, just in case you didn't catch it the first time in metal, drilled into the body, six inches away, or you were, I dunno, skeptical...?


Please tell me none of you do this. Please. I'm begging you. Lie to me if you have to.**

* Okay, I'm assuming it was good money. Maybe they paid bad money. Bad, bad money. Money that snarls and snaps constantly and poops on the rug and puts its cold nose in strangers' crotches.

** After the cookie fiasco, lets just all try to forget the ugliness and get along, shall we?


AbbotOfUnreason said...

I like the license plate that Colorado recently denied. According to Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, this vegan wanted to proclaim her love for tofu, but CO told her that I LUV TOFU is obscene.

Liebchen said...

It's no fun when people get vanity plates, because that takes all the fun out of the license plate game.

(Also, I think the general answer to your question is that people are dumb. That's the answer to a lot of questions, I've learned.)

lustyreader said...

Or those window decals that say HONDA in giant letters over the windshield. Like if it is not displayed 7823 places it might be confusing what brand of car it is?

Matt said...


No way.

I'm far too cheap to spend anymore money than I absolutely have to on a liscense plate.

f.B said...

License plates can't be redundant. That's a waste of space. Where is my car gonna read "IMAWSUM," if the plate is used to advertise the car I'm already driving?

Dmbosstone said...

My care already has an awesome license plate:


My car also has illegitimate kids:


I hope you don't find my plates annoying.

Mike said...

I'll bet there's a whole blogisphere out there on vanity plates.

rs27 said...

My favorite is ...



LiLu said...

I don't have a car...

But maybe I'll get "Irish White Chick" stitched on my jean pocket.

Reya Mellicker said...

Vanity plates are a complete mystery to me. And how sad that people with no imagination, no creativity, still take the plunge, pay the extra money just so they can announce the make of their cars.

And people think I'm weird.

Barbara said...

No vanity plates here. I probably couldn't think of anything clever enough to put on one even if I was willing to pay for them. I suppose I could use "85VOLVO" because most likely no one else is still driving a 1985 Volvo wagon with its trim held on by duct tape.

Little Ms Blogger said...

The worst vanity plate I saw was 06820. The guy wanted people to know he was from a town with $$$.

lacochran said...

AbbotofUnreason: I heard about that.

Liebchen: Yeah, I'm in whine mode these days.

lustyreader: ExACTly.

Matt: My respect for you has gone up *even more*.

f.B: You're a WSUM? I had no idea. This changes everything.

Dmbosstone: No more than your self-promotion.

Mike: No doubt.

rs27: And, was she?

LiLu: The world needs to know!

Reya Mellicker: There's good weird and then there's just plain weird. You're good weird.

Barbara: Oh, you have to work "duct tape" into what you choose some how. You just have to.

Little Ms Blogger: I wouldn't have even recognized it as such. Huh.