02 November 2008

"Hook me up" -- The Veronicas

I've lived in the DC metro area (either north or south of town) for *mumble* years and in all that time I've never gone to a high-fallutin', power-wielding political shindig. And if there was ever a time, this is it. I hate to jinx it, but I'm feeling "hopeful" about Tuesday and if my wish comes true, I'd love to go to one of the glittery inaugural bashes come January and celebrate in style.

Knowing what an "elite" group my readers are, I thought I would put my wishes out to the blogosphere: Who's got the hook up?

Sadly, I know how politics work. I have no political power or even influence to offer in exchange. So, let's get down to it... what do I have to do in exchange?*

Things I'm willing to do to get tickets to an inaugural ball:

  • Bake for/deliver to you salty oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies
  • Laugh at your jokes in front of your ex, your boss, your friends, etc.
  • Promise never to tag you for a meme again
  • Set you up with someone I know who has more than a "great personality"**
  • Agree to never talk about any adorable thing done by any pet I've ever had
  • Tell people I like your blog
So... anybody? Anybody??

* Yeah, I thought that might get your attention.

** My track record for fix-ups is almost as good as DateLab's.


zandria said...

I'd have to start completely from scratch if I had an opportunity to go to an inaugural ball. I don't have anything that formal except bridesmaids gowns, and...no. :)

Herb of DC said...

I went to Clinton's first Inaugural Ball at the DC Armory--The E Street Band performed, Bill played the sax and Tipper and Al freak danced. Otherwise it was like a really expensive prom without the Boones Farm wine or promise of sex in a station wagon.

The tickets were obtained due to my then partner's secretary's brother's wife being an official in the Arkansas Democratic party. A contribution to the Arkansas Democratic party was made which helped grease the way.

I'll check and see if in the meantime she has moved to Illinois. Or Arizona.

singlikesassy said...


Bilbo said...

I have a vast number of contacts in various government agencies who, unfortunately, wield as little power and influence as I do. And so while the promise of never being tagged for a meme again is intoxicating, and I LOVE both oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies, I find myself utterly unable to help you out. But you know I would if I could...if only for the chance to dance with you...

Mike said...

I think I can get you ball tickets. I know both the guys here running for dog catcher. But you'll have to buy your own ticket to St. Louis.

restaurantrefugee said...

Balls are easier to crash than 1987 Yugo with severed brake line; but just in case that doesn't inspire you we can talk in a few weeks. I should have access to a few of the balls.

Kristen said...

I wish I could help you but I've got nothing.


Matt said...

Yeah, obviously I am not elite either.

Which is totally disappointing...

but I have to own it.

lacochran said...

Zandria: I'm with you... bridesmaid gowns would not do.

Herb of DC: Ew. Now I have the image of Tipper and Al freak dancing.

SingLikeSassy: TY!

Bilbo: I'm sure you'd love having your feet stepped on by me. My dancing? Not so much good.

Mike: Finally, high-powered connections!

RestaurantRefugee: Kewl.

Kristin & Matt: If I get in, I'll try to sneak you in under my wrap.