21 November 2008

"We have no secrets" -- Carly Simon

[Imagine entertaining and highly appropriate image here.]

It's Friday and the last thing I want to do is work on Friday.* So, for the two of you that are reading, I thought we might try something a little more interactive. I don't need to be the center of attention all the time** and I feel like I've been spilling a lot here lately. So, pull your chair a little closer.

C'mon, closer. Yeah, knee to knee. Nice.

And tell me a little something about you.

What? Suddenly you're shy?

Okay, I'll get you started with an easypeasy poll. All ya gotta do is click on a choice. It's on the sidebar, up there on the right.***

C'mon, share.

* Or any other day.

** Note to self: Good job! That almost sounded sincere.

*** Despite attempts with two different poll sites this morning, I was unable to embed the poll in this post so I put it in the sidebar. See? My brain doesn't even try to engage on Friday.


fiona said...

I think I like you in your "psychologist" role.
A sofa to lie on would have been nice though!

Kate said...

I started my blog to re-connect with my old friends from high school and it's been awesome for that. Turns out, blogging has been much, much more that that. It's the perfect venue for my journey through recovery and grief and into a new life. And honesty is the only thing that's gotten me started on that journey and I want to stay on it. I saw what I want and I'm proud.

LiLu said...

Ha! I didn't even read this before I posted. How appropriate!

LBluca77 said...

I am always lazy on Fridays at work, especially if it is a payday.

hhmmm something about myself.

-Celine Dion scares me, I'm sorry but she is just weird looking.
-I'm a blogger. (Oh wait you might know that already.)
-I still watch Beverly Hills 90210 re runs on Saturday morning while I enjoy my coffee.
-7 layer dip, bacon and eggs are the only thing I know how to cook.
-I like a man who has sexy forearms. It is one of my favorite things about a man's body.

Narm said...

I'm with LBluca77 on Celine Dion. Is her Mom a giraffe? That neck is ridiculous.

And my blog is a lot like the army, sweaty, dirty and comes with a "Don't ask, don't tell" rule for my close acquaintances that read it.

f.B said...

I own 28 animated-Disney DVDs, and the first seasons of DuckTales and Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers. And I don't have any children.

rs27 said...

I wish I was Emilio Estevez.

Feels good to say that.

Herb of DC said...

I'm much better looking in person.

Mike said...

I marked number 2 on the poll but it's really a 90/10 split between 2 and 1. When you want to do a number 1 on the world, you can always create another blog and link to it.

lacochran said...

Fiona: Your wish is my command.

Kate: Good for you for being so clear and free!

Lilu: We are like cousins, no? Snooty french cousins that kiss each other on both cheeks.

Lbluca77: You blog?! I've lost all respect for you. And, yeah, forearms are nice. Attractive hands, too.

Narm: But do you do more before 6 a.m. than most people do all day?

f.B: Why would you want children making all kinds of noise while you try to watch those?

Rs27: *I* wish you were Emilio Estevez! He's by far the hottest of the Sheens.

Herb of DC: How could you possibly be better looking in person? The mind, she boggles.

Mike: Are you devious like that?

Bilbo said...

The choices on your survey are a bit limiting. Yes, I "censor" what I write, but only to the extent that there are just some things the rest of the world just doesn't need to know (except for the CIA, FBI, IRS, and NSA, who want to know it all). I started this as a way to vent and to share things I thought were interesting, and it's sort of bloomed up from there!

lacochran said...

Oh my god! You mentioned the letters! The letters! Now we're all screwed! RUN!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa...