11 May 2007

Unkind thoughts

On Akon:
This business with Akon and the 15 year old gives new meaning to his lyric "Nobody want to see us together".

On Anna Nichole:
How sad for TrimSpa that they're gazillion dollar ad campaign died with Anna Nichole.

On Kirsty & Valerie:
With magazines like Shape and Fitness, I'm pretty sure they write their diary success stories a year in advance to make sure that they're reporting on truly successful people. It's okay to have a 1 month set back but nobody's going to read monthly installments by a failure. I wonder if Jenny Craig did this with Kirsty and Valerie and kept them "under wraps" until they were sure they were successes?

Also, 75 pounds is a lot but, still, is Kirsty really done?

On Paula:
If I had to sit between Simon and Randy, I'd probably drink a lot, too.

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