07 May 2007

Restaurant Review: La Bergerie Restaurant

We had the pleasure of a late lunch at La Bergerie on North Lee Street in Old Town Alexandria. We enjoyed it from beginning to end. The ambiance was wonderful. Plush banquettes, fresh flowers, white tablecloths, special wine glasses, etc. We immediately thought this would be a great "special occasion" place; very romantic. So ambiance: 28/30. The service was outstanding, too: efficient and courteous without being intrusive. Even though we were dressed shabbily in t-shirts and jeans, we got first class treatment: 28/30. The food was marvelous: light sauces and great flavors. I had the farmer's salad and the bouillabaisse and hubby had the smoked salmon appetizer and the sea bass with parsley risotto. All of it demonstrated an expert hand in the kitchen: 28/30. They don't have much in the way of pure vegetarian options: 10/30. And though the cost could certainly be prohibitive, in fact they offer a great deal: Prix-Fixe. For $20, you get either an appetizer and main course or a main course and dessert. So one can't really complain about the price: 26/30. Add to it a glass of wonderful white burgundy and hot crusty french bread and sweet butter and you've got an experience fit for a king! Overall, I would heartily recommend La Bergerie and give it a 24/30.

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