22 May 2007

Spoiled by the Caribbean

I've been thinking lately that it would be nice to explore other beachy parts of Mexico. I was in Acapulco 20 years ago but aside from that, I've traveled to the Yucatan peninsula exclusively. So I look at Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan and they all have things to offer but they don't have this:

or this:

and I wonder how happy could I be without that gorgeous, calm, clear Caribbean blue-green-turquoise water? The Cabo surf is so rough people don't go in it for fear of drowning. It'd be different if I was into sports fishing. And no doubt we'd have great fish and seafood there. Still, the part of vacation that calls to me is looking out on magnificent views... standing neck deep in water and still seeing down to my toes... seeing the pretty fishies congregate... After trips to St. Lucia and Jamaica and Playa del Carmen and Puerto Rico and Cozumel and Nassau, how can I settle for frothy, dark crashing waves?

Heck the state I live in has a coastline. Doesn't mean I want to look at it.

Spoiled, that's what I am.

I know I'm incredibly fortunate, too.

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