14 May 2007

Chrysler/Cerberus: Buying American?

So now that Cerberus has 80% interest in Chrysler, is it once again an American company? If I buy a new Chrysler, am I buying American? Or 80% American?

I took pride in buying American cars. And it bothered me when Chrysler went German because that was one less American option. When Daimler struggled with the brand it made me wonder how much of Chrysler's market share was due to Americans buying American.

Buy American and Americans work. At least in theory. Now companies have plants all over the globe. Is it possible to buy purely American anymore?

Remember those "Look for the union label" commercials with all those happy people singing? That catchy tune ended with "it says we're able to make it in the USA!" Whatever happened to that concept? What does any of that mean at this point?

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