18 May 2007

Movie Review: Notes on a Scandal

Saw "Notes on a Scandal" last night.

It stars Dame Judi Dench and Cate Blanchette as two teachers each struggling with their issues around loneliness, age, expectation, isolation, taboo sexual attraction and incredible neediness. It's a strange movie and I got a little tired of Cate's character not realizing how creepy Judi's character was, despite obvious clues. Then, again, Cate's character does some creepy things, herself. At one point in the film, Cate's character overhears her mother referring to her as lacking substance. But can lack of substance really explain it?

Still, they both delivered solid performances as did supporting actor Bill Nighy, as Cate's husband.

A special kudos to the make-up people for making Dench look so ghastly and unglamourous to match her character.

I did like the sets of the school and the school yard and the evocation of the class war that transpires there.

The movie held my interest but not in an "Oh my god what a great movie" kind of way. I give this slightly disturbing bit of psychological drama 2.5 jujubees out of 4.

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