15 May 2007

The King of Queens Haiku

As the end has arrived for The King of Queens, we bid adieu to one of the few comic respites from the workaday world. Okay maybe the show got a little weary and formulaic toward the end but these characters are old friends and like old friends we forgive them their irritating habits. Maybe we even laugh at them.

Thanks, KoQ, for making the world a little lighter.

Here, a few haiku's to try to capture the emotion...

(In the 5-7-5 format...)

Carey and Doug fight
Spense and Danny are in love
Arthur is insane.

(In the 7-9-7 format...)

He's sure Carey won't like this
Maybe Doug can keep it a secret
Will Doug's back ever loosen?

James is great at physical
Remini is a beauty at takes
Frank Costanza rides again.

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