09 August 2007

Yay! I Can Compose!

For over a week I've been trying to use Blogger to post to this blog as I have done many times in the past. Suddenly Blogger was no longer compatible with IE. Not in a big, dramatic obvious way... in a "we'll let you do some things but not the really important things" way. It would allow me into Html mode but not into standard Compose mode. This doesn't create a problem for some but my Html isn't even as good as my German, which is very weak indeed.

I went in search of help. What I found is that there is no one to contact directly at Blogger. You can look at Known Problems and see if one of them is yours and if there's a fix. You can post (haha! ironic, no?) to the Help Group and hope someone notices and responds. I found that my problem was far from a personal problem in the Help Group. One kind soul recommended trying access through Firefox. And here I am. Composing. Giddy with ability again.

It's nice to have an outlet for the little inanities that seem to get blocked up inside me when I can't blog. After a mere year, I grow to miss it when I'm away. Go figure. I guess we all like the sound of our own voice. Except on a tape recording, of course. :)


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